10 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Kid's New Teacher

A new school year means a new teacher you and your child have to get used to. With each teacher having their own personality, their own set of rules, and their own teaching style, it can make it feel overwhelming for you, your child, and the teacher the first few weeks of the school year. But this year you can get a head start on talking to your child's teacher to start building a new rapport and relationship to help your child grow and learn more things. So keep reading to discover ten questions you should be asking your child’s new teacher.

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10 Can I Tell You About My Child?

Even though you are going to want to get to know your child's new teacher you also want them to get to know your little one. Asking, “Can I tell you about my child?” is a great question to help speed up the process of her getting to know them. Tell them about what your child loves to do in their free time like any sports they play or any other activities they are involved with. You can also tell their new teacher about areas that they struggled with last year so they know to give them extra attention to that subject.

9 What’s The Best Way To Contact You?

Before, if your parents ever had to get in touch with a teacher they would just send a note to school with you. Now teachers are available a lot easier due to technology. Though some teachers still prefer notes, many teachers now have an email and phone number. With emails, teachers are now able to connect with parents and get back to them easier. So make sure you ask your child’s new teacher what their email is and if that is the best way to get in touch with them.

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8 How Much Homework Do You Send Home Per Night?

Homework is a necessary part of education for kids in order to keep them practicing the skills they learned during school at home. But as a parent, you need to make sure that your little one is completing the homework they get each night correctly so they are fully understanding the skills they were taught. Asking about how much homework you can expect your child to get sent home with each night will give you a better understanding of how much time you want to put aside each night to focus on homework with your child.

7 What Basics Are You Teaching This Year?

In each grade of school your kids are learning new basic skills they are going to use the rest of their life. When you get to meet the new teacher make sure you ask what they are teaching this year. This will help you be prepared when your child is talking about what they learn and the homework they have. Knowing the subjects your child is going to be learning is also good just in case your child is struggling and needs a tutor. So make sure you find out what your child's learning outcomes are for this school year.

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6 How Do You Make Sure You Are Getting Each Student The One-On-One Attention They Need?

With only one teacher and upwards of twenty-five to thirty kids in a classroom, you want to make sure your child is getting the one-on-one attention they need. Asking how they make sure each student gets that attention is not rude. You need to know that the new teacher is going to be helping your child learn and not just skipping ahead if they are struggling. This is especially true,if your child is in the early years of elementary school. You want to know if the teacher is going to be extra professional in the class or if your child is on their own.

5 How Do You Assess Student Progress?

Teachers can assess student progress in several different ways such as quizzes, worksheets, letter grading, or just seeing an overall progress in growth. As a parent, you need to know how the new teacher is going to assess your child. You do not want them coming home with a letter combination that you do not understand if they do not grade with “A” through “F” letter grades. Knowing how they assess your kids is also great to prepare them for their first test.

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4 What Tools Do You Use To Motivate Students?

There always seems to be a subject that students do not want to learn. It is different for each student, but once a student starts struggling with a topic, they start to lose interest fast. Keeping students motivated to learn is part of the job. Some teachers like to play educational games while others use a point system to reward and motivate students. Finding out how your teacher is going to keep your child and the rest of the class motivated and focused is a great question to understand the teacher's process.

3 What Is Your Teaching Approach?

Just like your new teacher has to get used to your child, you and your child need to understand and get used to a new teacher and teaching style. Some teachers are very strict and rigid when it comes to their learning style while others love to go with the flow and make learning as fun as possible. Asking about the teaching approach will instantly tell you what type of teacher your child has this school year. Hearing about their teaching style is also great for you to be prepared with the types of activities your child will be learning during class.

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2 How Can I Help You?

It is not all up to your child’s teacher to help your children grow and learn. Of course, it’s their job to teach and challenge your kids throughout the school year, but you are still their parent and are responsible for their overall development. Asking the teacher, “how can I help you?” is a great way to support the teacher outside of the classroom. Your teacher might respond with thirty minutes of reading with your kids every night, or to practice the skills they learned at home. No matter what they say they are just going to be happy you are taking an interest in your kid’s education.

1 Why Did You Become A Teacher?

The most important question you need to ask any new teacher your kids have is, “why did they become a teacher?” This question will tell you everything you need to know about them. The new teacher is likely going to share a story about how a teacher changed their lives and they want to do the same, or even that they love kids. Either way these answers tell you that they are passionate about teaching and crafting young minds.

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