10 Pictures Of Pregnant Snooki We Want To Copy (And 10 That Make Us Forget She's A Mom)

Fans were first introduced to Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi back in 2009, thanks to MTV's reality TV series, Jersey Shore. The show, which chronicled the lives of eight housemates who spent their summer together at a vacation home in New Jersey, became a pop culture phenomenon and the New York Times identified Snooki as "the breakout member of the cast."

The pint-sized "Snooki" had a big New Jersey attitude, even bigger hair, and could easily keep up with anyone at a party. She's been no stranger to falling on the other side of the law but despite being the target of widespread public dislike, many fans of the show were nonetheless fascinated by her. Snooki was so popular, in fact, that she and her fellow cast mate, JWoww, starred in their own spin-off show, Snooki & Jwoww, which premiered in 2012.

Despite her colorful beginnings, Snooki got married and now has two young children, with another one on the way. There's no saying with certainty if her old ways are a thing of the past but she's definitely changed her image over the years and appears to be a pretty good mom.

Here are 10 pictures of pregnant Snooki we want to copy (and 10 that make us forget she's a mom).

Let's start with the 10 photos of pregnant Snooki that are worth copying...

20 Pop Of Color

Snooki definitely has her own "Jersey style," but every so often she'll put together a cute pregnancy look that I wouldn't mind recreating myself.

Pictured above is Snooki looking quite lovely on a New Jersey boardwalk alongside an inflatable penguin (don't ask, I didn't). It looks like Snooki has finally said goodbye to her voluminous bouffant in favor of ironed, highlighted locks and has her bump on display instead of showing off other parts.

Instead of teetering around on stilettos like a Kardashian,  she's also rocking some sensible, boots with no heels instead. I'm pretty impressed! Maybe Snooki could teach us a thing or two about how to pregnancy fashion, after all.

19 Natural And Happy

Snooki recently posted this cute photo and captioned it with, "Super excited for this little mawma to be a big sissy. She kisses my belly everyday patiently waiting."

Super cute, right? Snooki is already a mama to 6-year-old Lorenzo and 4-year-old Giovanna, but she is now expecting her third child.

I don't know about you, but I LOVE pictures of an all-natural Snooki without the falsies, make-up, and big hair.

She looks healthy and happy and seems to be a natural at parenting. Who would have thought, right?! She's come a long way since the first season of Jersey Shore!

18 Bumpin'

Snooki looks ADORBS in this photo, doesn't she? According to Wikipedia, she's only 4 ft 8 inches tall, so can someone please tell me how she manages to look so cute in maxi dresses?

I'm 5'2 and I have a hard time finding one that fits, so I'm assuming she has to get every item of clothing tailored to fit her diminutive size.

The long, vertical stripes elongate her and give the illusion of height, so this woman clearly knows what she's doing when it comes to picking out maternity clothes. Her red hair looks amazing, her headband is cute, her sandals and sunnies are perfect...this is a pregnancy look that I can get behind.

17 Pregnant And Professional

If you had shown me this picture back in 2009, I wouldn't even believe I was looking at Snooki. Seriously, the girl has come so far.

Instead of reaching for glasses of you-know-what, Snooki began going to the gym at least four times a week after the birth of her son, Lorenzo, and lost a total of 42 pounds- a huge amount on such a tiny frame.

Her results can be seen in the picture above, when she was pregnant with Giovanna. Maxi dresses are clearly the golden ticket for a pregnant Snooki because somehow it manages to make her look taller than she actually is. Her hair looks glam, but not overdone, and she looks fresh and beautiful.

She kind of looks like a professional realtor, but I dig it.

16 Still Rocking The Little Black Dress

This photo proves that every woman needs a little black dress in their closet, including the pregnant ones. Yes, the dress is short, but it's also billowy enough to be considered tasteful, especially for the girl who loves to show certain parts off.

I don't know how she's walking in those wedge heels that far along in her pregnancy, but she looks good doing it!

Although not many women would be brave enough to wear them, her oversized, retro sunglasses complete the look. I have absolutely no doubt that Snooki put this outfit on with every intention of being noticed, and she completed her mission!

Bravo, Snooki! Looking pregnant and fun!

15 Red Carpet Bump

Okay, wow. If I had attempted to put on those strappy black heels towards the end of my pregnancy it would have looked like biscuit dough popping out of the can, but Snooki somehow manages to escape swollen pregnancy feet and look FABOOSH.

This girl understands the slimming power of black and knows how to use it to her advantage!

If she wasn't cradling her baby bump, I'm not sure I would have realized she was pregnant at all. The gold jewelry and pop of red lipstick is simply the icing on the cake. Snooki, teach us your ways! How do you manage to look better pregnant than non-pregnant? It's truly a marvel.

14 Fist-Pumpingly Fabulous

Via: Pinterest

By this point, I'm sure you're noticing the maxi dress theme. Again, Snooki is looking beautiful, comfy and slim, despite the horizontal stripes that I was always told were a no-no during pregnancy (clearly, I was wrong).

When the world was first introduced to the mess that was Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, no one would have used the word "classy" to describe her, but that's exactly what I'm seeing here!

Snooki looks laid back and put together all at the same time. She looks like a healthy, prepared mom-to-be. Just look at that countertop behind her! There's not a bottle or a can in sight! My, how times change.

13 Sporty Snooki

Here is a picture of Snooki looking super cute and sporty at a New York Mets baseball game. Despite her toned down look, her reputation proceeded her and she and her husband were booed when posing for photos on the field.

Not very nice, but Snooki took it in stride, as always.

"Lol I love it," she said on Twitter after Monday's home game, in response to a Tweet that read: "Love that a whole stadium just booed @snooki. @Citifield."

You can't keep Snooki down, pregnant or not. I guess she figures any attention is good attention!

12 Momming Like A Boss

You've got to admit that this is a cute picture, whether you're a fan or not! Here's Snooki during a trip to the park with her son, Lorenzo, and you can barely tell that she's pregnant in her black tank top, cropped leggings, wedge sneakers, and black headband. She looks healthy, energetic, and 100% present for her son. The two of them ran around the park and played on the swings together, with Lorenzo on her lap.

I'm a mom of two and I can promise you I NEVER looked that cute when my pregnant-self was hauling around a toddler.

It's not easy, but she certainly makes it look like it is!

11 Where's The Bump?!

As I mentioned earlier, Snooki obviously knows how to strategically pick out the perfect maternity clothes for her frame. The long white stripe on the side of her dress makes her look taller than she is and the black keeps her looking slim. I also love Snooki's natural look in this photograph and the domestic scene surrounding her.

This isn't staged, this is just an off-the-cuff snap of a pregnant Snooki in her element, surrounded by toys instead of her former favorite party things.

Honestly, this could be anyone's backyard! She doesn't look like a celebrity in this shot, she just looks like a normal mom that we can all relate to.

And here are 10 That Make Us Forget She's A Mom...

10 Still Partying Hard

Ahhh, this is the Snooki that I remember (kind of). Thigh high black boots, SUPER short cut-offs, a low cut top, and out with her girlfriends.

Granted, she's not as over-the-top as she was back in her Jersey Shore days, but she's definitely channeling her inner guidette a little bit.

Pictures like this make me completely forget that Snooki is a soon-to-be mother of three, because look at her! She doesn't look a day over 18, and there's not a kid in sight!  Still, no one is holding a Margarita, so it's not totally like it used to be. Plus the old Snooki would be surrounded by a bunch of spray-tanned meatheads, so I guess things have changed for the better.

9  What Mom Hair?!

Honestly, Snooki looks better and better the older she gets. Most pregnant women with a couple of kids look the part, but not Snooki! I seriously doubt that we'll ever see her with a traditional "mom haircut" or rocking mom jeans and sweatpants. Like I said in the previous post, Snooki still doesn't look a day over 18-years-old.

Bear in mind, she's only 30, but she looks particularly fresh and alert considering she has two kids under six and she's pregnant with her third.

Honestly, this picture is giving me serious Kardashian vibes, but personally, I think she pulls it off better than Kim. Sorry, Kanye.

8 Duck Face And Leopard Print

Via: Instagram

The "Old Snooki" loved herself some leopard print, but it looks like her Jersey flair hasn't completely gone away! I have a ton of mom friends, which is what happens when you're in your mid-thirties, but I don't think any of them would take this bathroom selfie and post it on social media.

Bathroom selfies aren't for moms, they're for cute 20-somethings who are still out to catch a man, amiright?!

I guess the exception to that rule would be the Kardashians (and Snooki, obviously). The leopard print, the up-do and the duckface all scream "I'm a single, unattached female," not "I'm a mom of two with a third on the way."

7 Not Quite A Baby In There

Yep, that's not exactly a baby in there. Dressed in zebra print flip-flops and an oversized T-shirt, Snooki used the stroller to haul around a case to the beach while filming season six of Jersey Shore. Not even pregnancy could keep Snooki from a beachside barbeque and bonfire! Honestly, though, who expects the pregnant woman to think of these things for a party? Cast members of Jersey Shore, that's who. Luckily, Snooki was not seen drinking at the party and stuck around the food table instead.

6 Late Night Out

Every mom deserves a night out with friends every now and then, but Snooki wasn't looking tip-top shape after a night of partying at the famous Abbey Bar in West Hollywood. Here she is struggling to stay awake in an Uber, and it's giving me some serious pre-mama Snooki vibes.

Clad in a grey mini-dress and black, knee-high heeled boots, Snooki definitely didn't look like a mother of two.

This isn't the only time this has happened to Snooki as a mom, however. Snooki told Access Hollywood that she couldn't remember what she said during an interview on Khloe Kardashian's chat show after they gave her three drinks that caused her to forget what happened.

5 Workout Inspiration

Via: Pinterest

Does the woman pictured above look like a mother of three?! NOPE, but she totally is! Like I mentioned in a previous post, Snooki lost somewhere between 40-50 pounds after becoming a mom and had no problem sharing exactly how she did it.

"The key [is to give] up the empty calories that are in all those [...] beverages," she said in an interview with People. "They really add up and in one night you can end up [getting] up to 2,000 calories in just tasty drinks. Not to mention, after drinking with your girls all you want to do is go home and eat tons of junk food! So if you give [it up] you’ll begin to see changes immediately!!!

4 Snooki In Vegas

Snooki posted this disheveled picture of herself as a promo image for the second season her new show, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. The series, which premiered last April on MTV, follows seven housemates from the original Jersey Shore as they spend a month living together in Miami, Florida. The second season was filmed in Las Vegas, Seaside Heights, Neptune City, and Atlantic City.

Yep, reality TV Snooki is back and better than ever.

I guess she never really went away, but it's been hard to remember her partying ways since she became a mom. This show can easily make you forget that she has kids, however.

3 Still In The Limelight

Via: Bustle

Yes, that's Snooki posing with fellow reality TV icons Spencer Pratt and JWoww at the Jersey Shore Family Vacation premiere party (Tiffany “New York” Pollard was also in attendance). Snooki and JWoww both made their TV debut on Jersey Shore back in 2009, and Spencer Pratt joined The Hills in 2007, but looking at this picture it's easy to forget that they've all moved on with their lives. 

Snooki looks as orange as ever, just like old times. Every single one of the people pictured above has children now. Crazy, right? I'm not sure how much that's matured them, particularly Spencer Pratt, but it's still hard to believe that time has slipped by so fast.

2 Back On MTV

Ah, clinking glasses and living large during the filming of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation! This picture kind of makes you forget you just looked at all those cute pregnancy pictures, right? Snooki definitely has two different sides to her, that's for sure.

After six years without seeing the Jersey Shore cast on TV, the whole squad is back together for a spin-off and Snooki is ready to PAR-TAY.

The only castmate that declined to join the new show was Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola, who said in a recent statement said she wasn't interested in revisiting that time in her life right now. Honestly, I'm surprised that Snooki is willing to leave her kids for filming, but I'm sure all that money and publicity made her decision a little easier.

1 Snooki Screams At Pizza

Yeah, you read that headline right. This 30-year-old mother of two (with a third on the way) literally screamed like a little girl when she saw this massive pizza and then ate it in bed like a teenager during the filming of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

But...they've all grown up now! They have mortgages, marriages, fiancés, kids, and kids on-the-way!

“We’re older, but I don’t think many of us are wiser,” original cast member Ronnie Ortiz-Magro says in the trailer, after sharing the fact that he’s a soon-to-be father.

“As we age, we just get more … delinquency? What’s the word?” Snooki chimed in.

Oh dear, MTV. What have you wrought?

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