10% Of People Admit To Ending A Friendship Over Something On Social Media

Social media has taken over our lives. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't have at least one social media account or who doesn't check their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snap Chat feed first thing in the morning. While many people use social media to reconnect with friends and family members, some have ended friendships over something that was posted on social media.

Do you have rules with your friends over social media posts? Do you allow them to post pictures of your children, or do you make sure you have veto power over all pictures that include you? Would you ever end a friendship if someone posted something you didn't agree with? In a survey conducted by influencer marketing community influence.co, they found that 1 in 10 people have actually ended a friendship over something that was posted on social media that they didn't approve.

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Credit: Influence.co

The company surveyed nearly 1000 people to ask about what is and isn't appropriate social media behavior and almost 65% of those cited that posting someone's picture without their express permission was highly inappropriate.  After all, in this age of the influencer and people meticulously managing their online brand, it's not surprising that people want to have approval before a picture of them is posted online. A lot of times there can also be privacy issues for people not wanting their pictures posted.

Hitting someone up for money, DM'ing a stranger, and liking too many posts at one time are also some of the inappropriate social media behavior listed. Even 8.4% of people felt that not commenting or liking a friend's post on social media was not only impolite but also inappropriate.

The survey found that while there was definitely a generational divide when it comes to the appropriateness of social media use, gender also played a factor in opinions on how and when it's ok to log into your Facebook or Instagram account.

Credit: Influence.co

Men were more likely than women to think it's OK to log in to their social media accounts during events like weddings, other religious services and events like graduation, while millennials were more likely to log on in almost any situation than Gen X'ers or baby boomers. In fact, the study found that millennials were more than twice as likely than baby boomers to think that using social media while at work is acceptable.

Social media can be amazing in helping us connect with friends and family no matter the distance, but it's clear that there are some unwritten rules that need to be followed or you may find yourself losing a friendship. Before you post that next photo online, take a minute to ask all parties involved if they're OK with it.

You can read the remainder of the survey here.

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