10 Little-Known Details About Celeb Mom Kelly Ripa (And 15 About Her Kids)

Kelly Ripa is most known for her time on the talk show Regis and Kelly Live. According to Ripa, Regis thought she had a considerable amount of talent, and this is the reason he wanted her to be on TV with him. Ripa has made quite a lifetime gig for herself between dancing, singing and acting. She is known for dancing on Dance Party USA, acting on All My Children–for over ten years–and her current gig which is Live!

She didn’t start acting until the 90s, and from then on she racked up small gigs here and there including Kim Possible, Family Guy, and even Hannah Montana. Not only is Ripa famous for her time on TV, but she is married to Mark Consuelos who is most known for his role on Riverdale as of late.

Together they have three kids and are happier than a lot of other couples that are in the media. Kelly Ripa is the type of person that spends a lot of time in the public eye, but she and her husband have managed to stay happy and healthy regardless of how tough life may get. The family of five are very much in the public eye, and they know how to handle it in the best way.

Let's start with the 10 things we learned about Kelly Ripa...

25 All My Children

First for Women

One of her first acting gigs, in 1990, was her role as Hayley Vaughan on the set of All My Children.

The interesting aspect of her position on this show is that she was known as the bad girl even though she is as sweet as can be in real life.

Ripa admits to Closer Weekly that if being on the show taught her anything it was how to be professional. Everybody who worked closely with her, including husband Mark Consuelos, who she met on the set, says that Kelly is terrific to work with and that she is beautiful and funny.

24 She's A Bit Of A Believer In Fortune-Telling


Whether the rest of us buy into psychic abilities or not, Ripa has encountered a few periods in her life that have made a believer out of her. For instance, when she met her future hubbyshe had a dream that very same day that the two were married and had a daughter together, according to Fox News. The same outlet reports Ripa later interviewed famed psychic Char Margolis and despite not having told anyone at work yet, Char spilled the beans and announced Kelly's pregnancy.

23 She Eloped?!


As a result of meeting each other on the set of All My Children and falling in love so quickly, Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos decided to elope instead of planning a big wedding for their families. Ripa reveals to Woman’s Day that after a night of pizza and wine, he proposed to her and before she knew it they were on their way to Vegas. It was so quick that she only had time to get a cheap dress that she still wears to this day as a beach cover-up!

22 She Had Her Three Kids Quickly

ABC News

In 1997, just one year after eloping, the couple became pregnant with their first child whom they named Michael Joseph. In 2001, they had their first daughter Lola, and in 2003 they gave birth to their last child, Joaquin. According to Business Insider, this couple did not waste time after tying the knot; they had their children relatively close together. It was important to them that their kids grew up close.  At the same time, all of her  kids are extremely independent and have their own lives going on between friends, school and their jobs.

21 She's Ballin'


Most celebrities have a pretty high net worth, and Kelly Ripa is no different. According to InStyle, her net worth is $75 million, and about $18 million of that is what she makes yearly. They also reported that she makes more each year and they are sure her net worth will have doubled in the coming years. She not only makes a lot of money from her talk show but also from reruns of All My Children and any small gigs she does here and there.

20 She Is A Libra

Daily Mail

Some people say that astro signs contribute to a person’s personality. Kelly Ripa is a Libra which means she was born in early October. According to ZSA, based on Ripa’s birth chart, she is a realistic and critical person which makes sense that she is a talk show host. Talk show hosts have to be real and relatable, which are traits that Ripa very much has. Her birth chart also suggests that she is a professional and enjoys a challenge–this could be why she has so many different talents.

19 She Loves Charities

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Not many celebrities take the time to work with charities as much as Kelly Ripa does. The leading charity she focuses on is the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance. Good Celebrity reports that Ripa didn’t have a lot of knowledge of this fund, but when one of her friends was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she decided it was something she wanted to get behind.

The mom of three was able to raise about $3.5 million a few years back during a charity shopping event that she hosted with a few other people.

18 She Has Emmys!

CHYM 96.7

It is amazing as a celebrity to have a shelf full of awards based on their hard work. From the beginning of her profession in 1996 until now, Ripa has taken home ten different awards. She won Outstanding Younger Leading Actress in the Soap Opera Digest Awards in 1996. Ripa has also won five different Emmys; most of them are titled Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show host for her work as a host on Live, according to IMDB. Having a plethora of awards is a huge accomplishment for Kelly Ripa.

17 Regis Took A Liking To Her

USA Today

Kelly Ripa has always had talent, but it was not until Regis discovered her that she became well-known. According to ABC News, when Ripa first joined the show ratings soared much higher than they ever had been before. It seems as though fans may have remembered her from her previous work. Ripa has always been the type of person who loves to perform for people which is why she became an actress.

She says the best part about being on Live was the ability to be herself.

16 She Can Sing, Dance And Act!

Via: Radar Online

Kelly Ripa is most famous for her time on Live With Regis, but she makes it well known that she can do much more. One of her first ever gigs was dancing on shows like Dance Party USA and Dancin’ On Air when she was only 18 years old. Soon after, her most significant role was on All My Children which showed off her ability to act. Kelly has confirmed that she loves to sing and that she has a good set of lungs on her. According to People Magazine, there is a long-running joke from Ryan Seacrest that she cannot sing at all!

And now for the 15 things we learned about her and her kids...

15 Her Kids Look Just Like Her And Her Husband

Instagram/Kelly Ripa

Kids are interesting; sometimes they come out looking like only one of their parents, like a mix of both or neither.

The three kids that Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos share look precisely like the both of them. Their oldest son looks the most like his dad, which is why he played the part of his father at a young age on an episode of Riverdale. According to E! News, Ripa believes her little ones look much more like their dad than they do her. But as they grow, we can see their momma in them as well.

14 Lola Doesn't Like It When Her Mom Shares Pictures Of Her!

It is every teenage girl's nightmare to have their parents following them around snapping pictures and then sharing them on social media. For Lola Consuelos, this nightmare is a reality because her mother loves posting pictures–specifically of her beautiful daughter. According to Kelly, she doesn’t know why she even had kids if she could not show them off on social media. All of her children are gorgeous, and she loves nothing more than to post pictures all the time. Daily Mail reports that there is always an ongoing feud between Kelly and her mother based on the images she posts.

13 Youngest Son Has Dyslexia


Kelly Ripa is an open book with her viewers on Live, so it is no secret that her youngest son is dyslexic. This time last year Ripa was extremely emotional on an episode of Live because of how proud she was of her 14-year-old son’s grades.

According to Us Weekly, school has been very hard for him since the beginning due to his dyslexia and to see him pulling in A's was an emotional moment for the mom of three.

Although Kelly is very strict with her kids, she loves them more than anyone could imagine and when they succeed she could not be happier.

12 Their Son Michael Is Following In Their Footsteps

Teen Vogue

Both Kelly and her husband Mark have been acting for at least two decades. Kelly focuses on her talk show now more than ever while Mark does a lot of other acting gigs. As for right now, he is a series regular on the CW’s Riverdale. Michael performs in a throwback episode, in which all the parents are portrayed by their on-screen kids. Unfortunately, Mark only has an on-screen daughter, so they enlisted his oldest son Michael for the job of playing a young version of his dad. According to ET, they could not be prouder of their son for landing this gig.

11 Group Pictures Are Their Thing

Entertainment Tonight

Kelly has reported on multiple occasions that her daughter dislikes it when her mother posts pictures of her on social media. Regardless of how her little girl feels, the Ripa family is notorious for posting family selfies. In October of this year, People Magazine put together an article featuring family snapshots since the beginning of their small family in 1997 until now. You can never have too many family portraits, which Kelly and Mark prove every day on their social media accounts. They are incredibly proud of their good looking family.

10 Technology Isn’t A Given Right


Kelly Ripa makes it very clear that she and her husband Mark try to be very fair parents. Their children, for the most part, are spoiled, but they have to have the right attitude and behavior to keep those privileges. Each of her children has phones and laptops for their pleasure but also for homework.

There are a few rules, though; the children are not allowed even to have their phones in their rooms while they are studying. Also, under no circumstances are they allowed to have any technology at nighttime.

This is their time for rest and rejuvenation, which means no phones, according to ABC News.

9 Red Carpet For Lola?

Via: YouTube

Each of Kelly Ripa’s children has their own life going on. Their youngest is still in high school while the oldest is starting his acting profession following in the steps of both parents. Their middle child, a daughter, is working her magic on the red carpet from time to time right beside her parents.

Being that Lola is the only girl in the family other than her mother, it makes her happy to glam up and show off what she’s got next to her parents during special events.

According to People Magazine, both Kelly and Mark love to show off their daughter.

8 Snooping Is To Be Expected


Kelly has a specific set of rules when it comes to her kids and privacy. She admits to Parents Magazine that she views privacy as something they would write in their diary or a notebook. But if they are posting stuff on social media–she believes this isn’t private–and she has a right to see it. She admits that her daughter often displays angry tweets about her mom, but it doesn’t bug her. She believes anything her children post online is not considered private, which is why she sees it as okay to snoop on them.

7 They Must Know Español

Just Jared

Being that part of the Consuelos family is from Mexico, and being that their grandmother is a language teacher according to Redbook Magazine, Kelly makes it a rule that they cannot come up short with passing their Español classes. Kelly admitted that she has a tough time communicating with her husband's parents because of the language barrier–because of this she wants her kids to know and speak this language for them to communicate better with their extended family.

If the kids do not take this seriously, they do not get to keep the privileges they have such as technology.

6 She Is Not Friends With Her Kids

Page Six

Neither Mark nor Kelly appears to want to be friends with any of their children. Both have made it clear in plenty of interviews that they are there to parent their kids and nothing more.

The three Ripa-Consuelos kids have plenty of friends, and their parents are not meant to be among them, according to Latina.

Mark jokes that his and Kelly’s job specifically is to make sure the kids stay out of trouble in anyway. The couple has a unique way in disciplining their children, and the whole world is pretty interested in it.

5 Health Matters


Kelly admits to WebMD that when her oldest son first started school, she had pink eye six times in one year. Ever since that year, she has made it her specific mission to keep everyone in her house healthy. Some people are so busy that being sick just kind of happens, but Kelly takes keeping her home clean and sanitized seriously.

She uses humidifiers in every room, and if anyone gets sick, they are confined to their room until they are 100 percent better so that nobody else catches it.

This mom thrives off of being healthy and cold-free!

4 No Junk Food

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Working full time and finding the time to take care of three kids can become quite hectic. But Kelly Ripa finds the time every day to at least make her kids breakfast to ensure they start their days off right. According to Good Housekeeping,she allows her children to eat whatever they want in the morning and most of the time their requests are eggs and pancakes.

She doesn’t like them to eat any junk food, but when she is doing the cooking all bets are off–she knows it is healthy since she prepared it–and her kids love this!

3 Mom Doesn’t Care If Kids Don’t Like Her

In Touch Weekly

Ripa admitted to E! News that she honestly doesn’t care whether her kids like her or not. She lets it be known that she is their mother and nothing more. She is very involved in her kids’ lives–maybe too involved–and she is always checking up on their social media accounts. She feels no pressure to be overly friendly to her children; they need discipline and guidance which will allow them to turn into great grown-ups. It is essential that kids have parents and not friends when they’re growing up.

2 No Technology While Studying!

Mom Wife Fit Life

Kelly’s daughter knows this first-hand, being that she recently got in trouble for having her phone in the vicinity while studying Spanish. Ripa revealed to E! News that she popped into her daughter's room to see how her homework was going and she had her phone out on her desk. Granted, the actress admits that Lola was in the shower and not using the phone, but she is not supposed to have it out at all during homework time. Homework is critical in the Ripa household, and her kids have to take it seriously.

1 Supportive Parents


Although both Kelly and Mark are strict with their children, they are also very proud of them as they grow and begin to make their accomplishments. The parents of three want each of their children to succeed, and they do so by allowing them to work on projects that most young people probably wouldn’t get the opportunity to do. According to Us Weekly, the pair are incredibly excited about their son filming an episode of Riverdale—so much so that they visit him while he is filming all the time. Their little boy is all grown up!

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