10 Holiday Traditions The Duggars Are Doing Right (And 10 That Should Stay In The Family)

Christmas is a beautiful time of year. Everyone gets really excited to drink cocoa, decorate the tree, slow down a bit and visit with family and friends. While the holidays are always a wonderful thing, it's definitely true that having children leads to having an extra special Christmas season. There is just something unique about the way that kids enjoy this time of year.

Every family has their own Christmas traditions. Some are the kinds of things that many families do, such as putting up a tree and stringing lights on it, along with ornaments that hold lots of meaning and memories. Others are unique to that particular family. It's interesting to hear about the traditions of other families.

Anyone who is curious about how famous families celebrate Christmas is probably wondering how the Duggar family spends this season of merriment and cheer. The Duggar family came to fame through their TLC reality series, 19 Kids And Counting, which ran from 2008 until 2015. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have 19 children (10 boys and 9 girls).

Do they decorate? Do they have any foods that they always make this time of year?  Here are 10 holiday traditions the Duggars are doing right and 10 that should stay in the family.

Let's take a look at the 10 things that the Duggar family are doing right...

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20 The True Meaning Of Christmas

Entertainment Tonight

Something that every mom knows about Christmas is that kids are super excited to wake up on the morning of December 25th and find lots of presents under the tree. They talk about what they're going to get and give their parents extensive wish lists.

But how do you explain to them that Christmas is more than just about gifts?

According to Romper, Michelle Duggar says they focus on what the season means and so it seems less about gifts and material things. She said, "Our goal was to bring out the real meaning of Christmas."

This is definitely a Christmas tradition that the Duggars are doing right. It's a nice idea and it's smart to show kids that it's a season of giving and compassion.

19 Baking Christmas Cookies


Romper says that the Duggars also bake Christmas cookies every year, which is another Christmas tradition that they are doing right.

Many families do this each Christmas season and it's a great idea since kids love getting the chance to bake something. Of course, the whole family gets to benefit from the combination of sugar and butter and other delicious ingredients.

It's exciting for kids to learn to make cookies and Christmas cookies are especially fun since you can decorate them and use cookie cutters. Any big family knows that entertaining kids and finding activities that everyone can do together can be tricky, so baking cookies is a must every holiday season.

18 It's All About Making Memories


According to the TLC website, Michelle Duggar thinks that creating family Christmas traditions is important. She wrote, "I think in doing all of those things we make our own traditions. We have fun memories here at home and yet our heart's desire is to give our children an even bigger vision for the world. And it's really not about us, but we can make special family memories. And it can be just as simple as sitting down and reading together and coming up with a creative way to share that good news with somebody else."

This is something else that they are doing right and that many moms can get inspired by. After all, being together is the most important part of this time of year.

17 Classic Decorations

Via: intouchweekly

In Touch Weekly says that the Duggar family puts up three nativity scenes at Christmas.

Many people enjoy setting up nativity scenes; They may not have three and might just have one, but it's still a fun activity for kids and it's something that the whole family can do together.

This could also give moms the opportunity to talk about the backstory of Christmas if they want to share that with their children. Of course, everyone has different beliefs and feels differently about this, but even if someone doesn't want to set up a nativity scene in their home, they can agree that decorating in any way for Christmas is a great family activity.

16 Christmas Cards


Romper says that the Duggars send out Christmas cards every year as well. This is an awesome Christmas family tradition that many people love. Even if someone never did this before they had kids, it's possible that once they started a family, the idea of mailing a Christmas card to friends and family every year became appealing. It's such a nice idea since it's a fun thing to do together and it's something that people really look forward to getting in the mail. It's also a reminder that Christmas is about the people who you love and cherish.

15 The Same Outfits

Via: YouTube

According to In Touch Weekly, another Christmas tradition of the Duggar family involves wearing matching outfits. It seems like this might just be the youngest daughters since they're the ones wearing matching red dresses in this photo.

Is there anything more adorable than kids who wear matching outfits at any time of year but especially Christmas?

Many families have traditions of wearing matching Christmas-themed pajamas. Maybe the parents get in on it, too, or just the children wear them, but either way, it's a lovely tradition. Talk about a great way to create some truly priceless memories (and they also make for priceless and sweet photos).

14 Family Pic

The Duggar Family Blog

The Duggars also take a family photo during Christmastime. As In Touch Weekly pointed out, the photo has to be pretty wide because, of course, there are so many members of this well-known family.

It's amazing to think about 19 people being in a family photo. But wait... that's not even the entire clan. There are 19 kids in the Duggar family but also the parents, Michelle and Jim Bob, and then the older kids have spouses, right? We can imagine that this photo might take a while, but we know that it's worth it because it's a really nice Christmas tradition to have.

13 Caroling Up A Storm

The Duggar Family Blog

The Duggar family also carols during the holidays. According to Romper, "Joy to the World" is one of the songs that they enjoy singing.

How do we feel about Christmas carols?

There definitely seem to be two types of people: those who love them and start playing Christmas music as soon as it's November 1st... and those who don't like them at all.

But the people who love this kind of music seem to outnumber the ones who don't because it's simply nice to get into the spirit of the season. Many kids enjoy singing carols or listening to carolers, so this is definitely on the list of Christmas traditions for many families, and it's a fun and special one.

12 Christmas Dinner (And Dessert)

New Article World

According to In Touch Weekly, the Duggars eat a traditional dinner at Christmas, and there's dessert too (and it sounds like a truly amazing dessert). Michelle Duggar said, "

Different family members will bring specialty dishes, like my sister from Ohio, who brings the peanut butter and chocolate Buckeyes. That's always something we look forward to after dinner."

Yum. Serving a traditional Christmas dinner with the foods that people love and look forward to each year, along with delicious dessert options, sounds perfect. This is something that this family is doing right for sure, and we love doing this with our own families.

11 Tis The Season For Giving

The Hollywood Gossip

In Touch Weekly says that the Duggar family also truly believes that this is the season for giving and they do something that is really nice: they bake for others.

As the website says, "The Duggars also routinely bake for members of the community year after year. They hit the kitchen and make everything from bread and honey butter to cheese biscuits to, of course, chocolate chip cookies. Usually they deliver their goods to the police department, the fire department, and other people who have been having a "rough year."

Isn't this so sweet? Many people would agree that this sounds like a lovely thing to do this time of year.

And here are 10 Duggar family Christmas traditions that should stay in their family...

10 No Santa Claus


The Duggar family doesn't seem to believe in Santa Claus and as In Touch Weekly pointed out,

"Derick Dillard [...] tweeted that Santa Claus isn't real back in 2016."

This is something that many people wouldn't agree with, right? We love Santa Claus and think that this magical figure is such a big deal. He is a really large part of many family Christmas celebrations, and young kids love the whole idea of Santa. Many moms encourage their little ones to put out cookies and milk for Santa, and it's honestly just nice to create family memories that include Santa.

9 No Stockings

Entertainment Daily

According to In Touch Weekly, it sounds like the Duggar family might not have stockings or put presents in stockings. The website noted that one of the members of the family, Jessa, seems to have stockings in her own house:

"Jessa Duggar, for instance, seems to do stockings and other traditional Christmas decorations that aren’t normally seen around the main Duggar home."

Stockings seem like such a big part of the holiday season. It's traditional for many families to keep the same ones year after year and always hang them in the same place. And it's almost too much fun to buy tiny presents to put in them.

8 Ugly Christmas Sweater Party


The Duggar family has had at least one ugly sweater Christmas party. This is something that has become very popular and trendy, and there are ugly holiday-themed sweaters for sale at thrift stores and fancy boutiques alike.

While this is a fun idea, this would be a hard tradition to follow with kids or a large family.

Kids might not want to wear them, especially if they're young (or if they're teenagers and think that it's totally uncool to even suggest it). Maybe parents can simply wear ugly Christmas sweaters if they can sneak away for a date night this holiday season. That might work out much better.

7 Tradition Steeped In Beliefs

Via: FameSYN

We know that the Duggar family bakes Christmas cookies, has a traditional dinner, sings carols, and sends out cards. Something else that the Duggar family does would be a Christmas tradition that is steeped in beliefs.

Every family is different in terms of what they believe in and how they share that with their children. That means, of course, that not every family is going to want to celebrate the holiday season in the same way. Just like any other aspect of parenting and motherhood, it's definitely best to respect everyone's beliefs and the way that they raise their children. Everyone is doing what feels right to them.

6 A Strange Gift Exchange System

Radar Online

According to In Touch Weekly, the Duggars give gifts in this way: they have a "system" and only some people give some presents to their siblings. The website says, "Instead, it used to be that the family would exchange names during Thanksgiving, with older siblings matched up with older siblings and younger siblings with younger siblings."

Doing a "white elephant gift exchange" was also mentioned (which is basically giving silly gifts).

Most families wouldn't want to do this and would definitely want to give gifts the traditional way: to every single kid and family member. As we all know, kids really love getting presents, especially at Christmas.

5 Strange Gifts

Via: Starcasm

The Duggar family does give out gifts, but it sounds like they are a bit strange since the gifts can be pickles. Yes, pickles. Your kid might love the salty food, but we don't think that they would be too happy to find them in their stocking or under the tree on Christmas morning.

According to In Touch Weekly"Focus on the Family‘s website reported in 2012 that at the time, every Christmas the Duggar kids each got 19 personalized gift bags that include Pringles chips, beef jerky, and jars of pickles." Michelle Duggar told the website that,

 “Almost all of us like pickles, but each one likes a different kind. Same with the Pringles and the beef jerky. Christmas is the one time of year when every child gets their favorite flavor of each treat."

4  Too Serious


It sounds like the Duggars take Christmas very seriously since they focus on it being a season for giving to others and thinking about the meaning of Christmas.

While we totally understand that and think that it's great, at the same time, it sounds like it's too serious. It doesn't sound enjoyable for kids who want this season to feel magical and full of imagination. Kids want to decorate a Christmas tree and see lots of beautifully wrapped presents under it (even if they tear through them in about two seconds to see what's inside) and they might not want such a serious tone for the holiday.

3 Pumpkin Pie


The Duggars always have a pumpkin pie at Christmas, and that might not be something that people want to do.

Pumpkin pie is a Thanksgiving dessert and while many people consider it to be a staple of that special meal, it seems more fun to have cookies or other treats at Christmas instead.

Kids especially don't seem to like eating pumpkin pies so moms might want to make other desserts (especially decorated sugar cookies). The flavor of pumpkin pie would definietly be too strong for them and they might not like the spices that are part of this pie, either.

2 No Christmas Tree

The Hollywood Gossip

According to Romper, the Duggars don't have a Christmas tree, and that's definitely something that wouldn't appeal to us.

Kids love Christmas trees. They are beautiful to look at but, of course, the best part is decorating them. Every family tends to have ornaments get passed down through generations or just ones that they really love taking out year after year.

It really doesn't feel like Christmas without a twinkling and sparkling tree. While we might love some of the things that this famous family does at Christmas, we're going to keep our own tradition of decorating a tree going strong.

1 Kids Want Presents At Christmas

Via: Us Weekly

Part of the fun of Christmas is getting the presents that you really wanted or you asked for on a list. For kids especially, families are usually very likely to give presents that their children requested. It seems the Duggars don't give these types of presents.

Families might not want to adopt this particular tradition since many people agree that a big part of Christmas is getting presents for your kids. Sure, there is definitely something to be said for trying to make the season a bit less materialistic, but that's not always super realistic when your kid has been asking if they can please get their favorite toy or doll this holiday.

Sources: Romper.com, TLC.com, Intouchweekly.com, Intouchweekly.com

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