10 Hilarious Things Partners Did During Delivery (And 10 Honest Thoughts Moms Had)

The memories that go on in that delivery room stick around forever. 

Delivering a child is not an easy or stress-free task. The days leading up to that moment are usually filled with stress, discomfort, and ongoing thoughts roaming around inside a mom’s head. What will he look like? Will everything go as planned? Will mom cry? Will I cry? The questions are usually never-ending and the emotions are endless.

But one thing is for certain: the memories that go on in that delivery room stick around forever.

Whether the memory is something funny a partner said or a thought Mom had that really hit home, the experience a woman has in that delivery room stays with her. She often remembers every emotion she felt and every ridiculous thing she or her significant other said or did. Sometimes the overall picture of the experience can be a little blurry, but when those memories kick in – it becomes a slideshow of emotions.

Having a good mix of funny and raw emotions can make the delivery a more down-to-earth, real experience. Even though jokes keep the heavy situation more light-hearted, having honest moments make the experience more memorable. Usually, it isn’t hard having a mix of both because, well, parents are humans.

Humans laugh. Humans cry. Humans feel emotions. Remembering that during delivery is important.

20 “I Grabbed Him By The Beard”

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“My husband had a beard at the time and he kept looking down below,” says mom of one, Katherine Ballinger. “I grabbed him by the beard and said, ‘Don’t look!’ We still laugh about it.”

Sometimes, laughter (and grabbing your husband’s beard mid-contraction) makes the delivery process a smoother one. Well, maybe not a smoother one, but a more light-hearted one for sure. Being able to joke around while still staying focused can be beneficial for everyone. It means Mom is a little more relaxed and the atmosphere around her is as well.

So during that last push, grab your partner’s beard and give it all you got.

19 When The TV Becomes The Focal Point

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Some couples find it helpful when there is a neutral focal point during delivery. If the delivery is in the operating room, sometime the couple will look directly at one another to remain focused and calm. When the delivery is in the hospital room, sometimes couples will focus on holding each other’s hands or on breathing techniques.

For some, the focus is the basketball game.

He kept the Michigan basketball game on as I was pushing so he had a focal point,” says mom of one, Morgan Munley. “I was so annoyed.” Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. This time – it didn’t.

18 “What Is It?”

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Many couples decide to wait until the delivery day to find out whether their baby is a boy or a girl. This moment is often the highlight of the delivery process and is usually an easy statement to make. This situation may make some partners feel in over their head so that calling out the gender of the baby becomes a little tougher than expected.

“The baby was out for a good amount of time getting cleaned up. I asked, ‘What is it’ and he said, ‘I don’t know. I can’t tell,’” says mom of three, Becca Benham. As stated before, sometimes the delivery process can make a partner’s brain, and vision, go a little wacky.

17 “Whoa, That’s A Big Baby”


“It wasn’t my husband but the doctor delivering who suddenly became wide-eyed and looked at my husband to say ‘whoa, that’s a big baby’ as my nine-pound son was being born,” explains mom of one, Shannon Naklick.

Sometimes, it’s the doctor who has the jokes – if you’d call joking about a newborn’s size mid-delivery a joke, that is. Even though moments like that can be surprising and unexpected, they can become the funniest moments to look back at and laugh about. Even though it may not have been funny at the time, it’s always good to rewind and absorb the experience through a more light-hearted lens.

16 He Asked “What Hurt?”


Once and while the questions your partner asks you during delivery can seem a little silly. To your partner, they are being genuine. To a mom pushing and contracting and wiggling uncomfortably, the questions can be funny... but frustrating. However, laughter can sometimes push away the frustration and bring a better atmosphere to the delivery room.

“Tim asked me what hurt and I yelled in disbelief that he didn’t know. I yelled out ‘what do you think?!’ All the nurses and doctors laughed,” explains Meghan Moran, mom of one. “It actually made the situation lighter and helped me get through the contraction.”

15 “Eating Chicken Nuggets As I Gave Birth”

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“Well, as the baby was literally about to pop out, he left and went to get food,” mom of two, Renee Saraceni, says. “No, not in the cafeteria. He left the hospital. Came back and was eating chicken nuggets as I gave birth.”

When you’re hungry, you’re hungry – and this obviously goes for the significant other as well. Even though mom may be hangry beyond belief during delivery, if her partner is hungry, he may find a way to get food just in time to see the baby being born. Where there’s a will, there’s a way – especially when it involves chicken nuggets.

14 “Move Out Of My Way!”

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When mom wants something during delivery, she better get it – especially when it involves seeing her children. When a mom is getting a c-section, a large tarp is up so she cannot see the procedure. Sometimes the doctor will hold up the baby once it is out, but sometimes the baby goes straight to get cleaned up or to the NICU if special treatment is needed. When this happens, mama can get anxious - and feisty.

“In the OR, Darren was looking at the boys and I screamed ‘move out of my way, I want to see my babies!’ They were getting cleaned off and weighed before they went to the NICU,” says mom of twins, Mae Blasczienski. “All the nurses and Darren moved quickly out of my view so I could see them.”

13 Being Treated Like The Family Dog.


“When I had to have a foley bulb for induction, I started to have some pretty intense pain and contractions. My husband was by my side holding my hand and said ‘good girl, you’ve got this.’ I promptly broke out of whatever pain I was experiencing and started laughing so hard,” Breanna Yung, mom of one, states.

“It was a perfect break in my pain. We have two dogs at home and frequently say ‘good girl’ to them. We decided to skip saying that the rest of my delivery. He said it one other time, on purpose, and it made me laugh again.”

12 “My Husband Was Pulling Hijinks With The Birth Photographer.”

“I didn’t know my husband was pulling hijinks with the birth photographer until the pictures came back,” Alyssa Kurtzworth, mom of one, says. When she got her professional photographs back, they were beautiful, but there was also a little bit of unexpected hilarity hidden in them.

Even though Alyssa didn’t know her husband was goofing around during the delivery, seeing his lively, smiling face smack in the middle of an intense scene would be something he would never live down.

Sometimes, it’s those post-delivery surprises that make a tough situation better in the end.

11 Melissa McCarthy Made An Appearance – Well, Sort Of

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Sometimes a celebrity is brought into the picture during delivery. Well, in a way. Katie Guokas and her husband were talking about Melissa McCarthy during delivery and during a crucial moment, she became an important part of the process.

“My husband was talking to the nurse and doctor about the actor on TV and what other movies she starred in – it was Melissa McCarthy,” says Katie, mom of one. “I needed to push at the time and I screamed ‘Melissa McCarthy’ and they all turned and said ‘what?’ Kind of like the ‘Kelly Clarkson’ scene in 40-Year-Old Virgin.”

And 10 Honest Thoughts Mom Had During Delivery

10 Worrying About “Number Two” Happening

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“I asked my husband if I pooped myself while pushing,” admits mom of one, Cherie Bealer. “It probably didn’t help I had thrown up all over myself.”

Strange and uncomfortable things are probably going to happen during delivery. Between being in extreme discomfort to having your private areas out there for the world to see, odd experiences are bound to occur. Cherie, and many other mothers fear they will go “number two” during delivery – which happens quite often for many women. However, the other situation happened instead.

In other words, it came out the other end.

9 The Intern’s Facial Expressions Said It All

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Many women wonder how they look during delivery. They wonder what the medical team is thinking and they wonder if they are disgusted or simply used to the situation. Well, for Becca Benham, the interns in the room answered her thoughts without having to say a word.

“When I was giving birth to my second baby, there were tons of interns in the room. One of which was witnessing her first birth,” explains Becca. “And she was standing at the bottom of my feet. Every time I pushed, I saw her face. You could see her facial expression every time was that of disgust. I seriously thought I might kick her.”

8 Forgetting And Fearing The After-Birth


Once you are holding your little one in your arms or you finally stop pushing and see your baby for the first time, you sometimes forget about the next few steps. There is either a little more pushing that needs to be done to get the after-birth out or the doctors must stitch Mom up. It’s easy to get caught up in the rush of emotions you are experiencing. However, that doesn’t mean the after-birth procedures will go away or get any easier – for everyone.

“I forgot to warn my husband about after-birth,” admits Katie Guokas. “Needless to say, they had to clean up throw up off the floor.”

7 “I Was Experiencing Every Emotion In The Book”

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The emotions and feelings never end when it comes to motherhood. From pregnancy to delivery, motherhood proves to be one heck of an emotional rollercoaster.

“I had an unexpected c-section, so I was experiencing every emotion in the book. After the doctor delivered Arabella, the epidural again began to make me very sick. I lay there with my arms strapped to the table vomiting into a bag that the anesthesiologist was holding,” says Mallory Widrick. “It turns out I had lost a lot of blood and that explains why I kept wanting to fall asleep. I thought I was done for.”

6 Will I Hear Baby's Cry?


When a baby is born, they are shocked by their surroundings. Not only are they no longer in the warm womb of their mother, but they also are learning to use their lungs and breathe. These two factors often are reason enough for a newborn to cry once they are suctioned. However, if a baby’s lungs are not fully developed or there are other complications, that first cry may not come as easily as parents expect.

Many parents grow weary of this and impatiently wait to hear that cry. While it comes easily to some babies, others may need additional suctioning or stimulation. No matter the circumstance, it is definitely something that keeps parents on high alert.

5 “I Asked Them If They Brought Popcorn To Watch The Show”


“I asked them if they brought some popcorn to watch the show - since I was the only one giving birth we had an audience of doctors,” says mama, Cherie Bealer. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is make a joke. Many people expect the significant other to be the one throwing out the laughable one-liners. Well, think again.

When a mama is going through the chaos that is childbirth, she too can find time to kid around – believe it or not.

With all the other insanity going on inside a mom’s brain, joking around can be the ultimate relaxation technique.

4 This Really Is Legitimate Surgery

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When the decision for a c-section was concretely made, I knew it would be a serious surgical situation. However, it didn’t really hit me until I went in the day of delivery. Being smack in the middle of a sterile, sanitized environment while doctors and nurses were preparing me for the operating room – it hit me.


When you’re going in for surgery, emotions usually run wind. However, when the surgery will result in two babies, a scar that will need ongoing attention, and absolutely no abdominal strength – the emotions go a little insane. I definitely didn’t come to terms with how real a c-section would be until delivery was right around the corner.

3 Breathing Can Be Tough

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Breathing techniques often play a major part in the delivery process. When you focus on your breathing, the experience can sometimes be a little bit easier to get a grip on. However, managing those breathing techniques aren’t always as easy as they may seem in the classes or in books.

“Before I started to push, he told me to breathe – and then he fainted before I did the hard work,” says mom of two, Sharlene Manko.

“He got up saying ‘I forgot to breathe while telling you to breathe.’” Sometimes it isn’t the mom who has trouble with the breathing techniques. Sometimes, it’s her significant other.

2 What Is Going Through My Partner’s Mind Right Now?


Even though a mama’s main focus is safely delivering a healthy baby, thoughts run through her head that don’t always involve her little one. She may worry about recovery or what she is going to eat when everything is over. She may wonder how she is going to run errands with a newborn or when she will find time to nap.

She also may wonder what the heck her partner is thinking as he watches everything going on.

Some partners witness the entire birth – whether it be vaginal or c-section. They are sometimes asked if they would like to look over the tarp during a c-section and if they do, the mom may be curious as to what they are looking at. If her significant other looks queasy, she may wonder why or feel a little embarrassed.

1 “I Did Ask Them To Buy Me A Drink First”

Sometimes, moms need to pull out all their jokes during a serious situation like delivery. Laughing and making others laugh can lighten the mood – especially when the setting is a very sterile, stern environment. By bringing on laughter, she can relax and focus on the delivery with a little more ease and also make those around her feel a bit more comfortable.

I did ask them to buy me a drink first since they were looking at my baby-maker going from pinhole to bagel,” says mom, Cherie Bealer. When a graphic, blunt joke is made that includes a bagel comparison, there is no way smiles won’t make an appearance.

References: Statements from “real-life” moms who gave consent to use direct quotes (via Momhood Mayhem on Facebook and the.write.mama on Instagram

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