10 Fun Physical Activity Games For Kids

Games are a great way to keep kids entertained, and if the games can involve physical activity, that is even better. So to make your life easier, we have rounded up 10 games below that will get kids moving... and they will be having a fun time, which is an added bonus!

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So make some space in the living room, gather up some necessary items (that you probably already have lying around the house), head to the backyard, invite some friends over... and get ready - kids young and old! - to have some physical fun with the following 10 activities.

10. Freeze Dance

This game is sort of like musical chairs, but kids do not have to be in a circle, and no seats of any type are needed. Just play some music - such as a playful station on a phone app or made-for-children CD - and have kids dance around. Then, when the music stops, everyone has to freeze in place, holding a pose (whatever dance move was happening when the music stopped). If anyone moves after the music has stopped, that person is out. If one person is left standing, he or she can be crowned the winner!

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9. Follow The Leader

Follow The Leader is a classic game, and it allows kids to get creative and be in charge. If the leader is marching, everyone else has to march. If the leader is running backwards with both hands in the air, everyone else must do that, too. And even if the leader is rubbing his/her stomach and patting his/her head...well, at least attempt to do it or be out! This game, which everyone knows and loves, is a fun way to get a lot of different physical actions in and kids of all ages can partake in the game.

8. Corn Hole

Corn Hole - or any variation of the game - challenges kids to throw balls or bags into holes. An official set can be used (of corn hole or of a similar game like ladder ball) or parents can set up their own version; toss tennis balls into flower pots, or throw bean bags into holes in the ground. As long as kids are moving as they aim to score, and as long as they are having fun, then that is a win. And parents can play along, too, for even more fun!

7. Hula Hoop Tag

We all know how to play tag, but how many people know about Hula Hoop Tag? In this game, there is a base, a space where someone can take a quick game break or escape becoming 'it' - and the base is a hula hoop that is lying on the ground. There can also be more than one base, depending on how many children are playing and how big of a space is being used. Being able to accommodate any size of group makes this a great game for P.E. classes or large birthday parties. Just have kids run around, stand inside a hula hoop if they really need a base for a second, then get out, run and be chased again!

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6. Sack Race

Another traditional physical activity is a good old-fashioned Sack Race. Shop in thrift stores or antique stores for real potato sacks, or just use some pillowcases. Everyone gets in one, everyone lines up at a starting point, and everyone hops to the end. The kid who crosses the finish line first is the winner, but a job well done all around, as all of the children involved will be having some physical fun! And once again, this is a good activity to do with a large group of kids or during, say, a school’s end-of-the-year sports function or play day.

5. Ninja

This game is better suited for older kids, but anyone can have fun with it. Everyone gets in a tight circle, then on the count of three, everyone jumps back into a "Ninja" pose. Then, going in a circle, everyone takes a turn, one at a time, being the attacker - the person who can jump in any direction, while doing a ninja move and while trying to slap any other player’s hand. If a hand gets slapped, it is out and stays behind its owner’s back. If someone gets both of their hands slapped (as the game progresses), they are out for the rest of the game.

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4. Activity Dice

With activity dice, kids of any age can take control and get creative. To start, have everyone write down an activity, such as jumping jacks, running up the stairs once, or dancing. Then stick all the activities to a large, foam die (or get a print-at-home version online or a pre-made one at a store!). When the game begins, kids just take turns rolling the die, and whatever it lands on has to be done (either by the roller or by everyone who is playing). It is neat to see different kids taking part in different activities, while being all together and having unique fun together.

3. Bubble Wrap Attack

Okay, there are only a couple of games left in this list here. We hope everyone has received some entertaining ideas today, and we everyone is ready for more! Now, this activity is super easy, and it involves a fun material - bubble wrap. A parent may have just received some in the mail with a package, or some may need to be purchased (like one of those giant rolls!). And the goal is simple: Jump on it! That may be enough, or it can be a competition; the first person to pop all of their bubbles can be the winner.

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2. Don’t Let The Balloon Touch The Ground

Here is another fun game that is also super simple. In fact, we have all probably all played it without even knowing! Blow up a balloon, gather all the kids together (and/or the adults, too!), then don’t let the balloon touch the ground. And once again, that may be enough for the whole game, or it can be a competition, where kids who do let the balloon touch the ground are out and the last one standing is the winner. This is a great way to improve hand-eye coordination, too, so children will be learning and growing without even knowing it!

1. Scavenger Hunt

Last but not least, we encourage everyone to set up a scavenger hunt. These get kids thinking, allow children to run around (in an enclosed area or through a whole town, if the age group is right) and build up team-work skills, as participants work together to solve puzzles, find clues and claim the prize! Plus, these can be as long or as short as needed, and they can even be themed, with holiday-related gifts or birthday presents at the end of the trail. And, yes, parents and other adults can have fun with this physical activity game, too - Yay!

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