10 Easy Thanksgiving Recipes To Make With Kids

When Thanksgiving comes around, everyone looks forward to pumpkin pie, turkey, cranberry sauce, and of course, family time. It's so nice to have a break and see relatives from near and far.

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Of course, this is a holiday that is all about the food, and people have their favorite dishes that they really want to make every single year (or that they want their mom or grandma to make because she always does the best job). Whether you're into the classics or you like some new twists on classic recipes, one thing is for sure: you want some easy recipes and you want to get into the kitchen with your little ones. Here are 10 easy Thanksgiving recipes to make with kids.

10 Fresh Cranberry Orange Sauce

You definitely need cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving to enjoy with your turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy. But a recipe that just uses cranberries and sugar might still be too tart for your little ones.

Once Upon A Chef has an awesome recipe for Fresh Cranberry Orange Sauce that the whole family will love. The recipe uses orange zest, fresh orange juice, cranberries, sugar, and water. Your kids will enjoy making it with you as you can stir it together and watch the beautiful cranberries in the pan. After just a few moments, everything will smell so amazing, and you'll be even more excited for a nice family Thanksgiving.

9 Sweet Potato Souffle Cups

Okay, so after your cranberry sauce, you also need some sweet potatoes. And you probably want them with marshmallows on top, which just might be your kids' favorite part of the whole holiday dinner.

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You can make these Sweet Potato Souffle Cups from The Cookie Rookie with your children, and it's going to be a really fun, creative process. You'll fill wonton cups with delicious sweet potatoes made with orange juice, cinnamon, butter, and more, then top them with pecans and marshmallows. Our stomachs are rumbling already...

8 Easy Thanksgiving Stuffing With Apples And Celery

Many people love stuffing more than absolutely anything that will be put on the Thanksgiving table. This is another amazing dish to make with your children since they can help with so many of the steps: cutting or tearing the bread into cubes, chopping up veggies, and adding herbs and other flavorings. Of course, you'll decide what tasks are best for them based on their age, but you can definitely find something.

Children love apples and it's often their favorite fruit. Why not make this Easy Stuffing With Apples And Celery from Blackberry Babe? Your kids can help you tear the bread into cubes and you can get all of the ingredients prepped together.

7 Turkey Cupcakes

How adorable and fun are these cupcakes which are made to look like turkeys? You can make the recipe from My Food and Family as a really enjoyable family project.

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The recipe includes cake mix, which will make things as easy possible and help you save time if you're already cooking a lot for the big meal. The topping includes candy corn, which your kids will love. You get both a craft and a dessert.

6 Mashed Potatoes

Sure, you've made some delicious sweet potatoes, but you need some mashed potatoes, too. Chances are, there are many members of the family who prefer one over the other (or want to try both).

Try this recipe from The Kitchn. Your children can help you add butter, half-and-half, and seasonings, and since you won't have to peel the potatoes, that will cut down on time.

5 Easy Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots

For many kids, carrots are the only veggie that they really love. After all, they're a fun bright orange color and really sweet.

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Try these Easy Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots from The Spruce Eats, which will be sweet, delicious, and a great addition to the holiday dinner. The recipe uses butter, water, and brown sugar to create an amazing glaze, and your kids can help you peel the carrots (depending on their age) and measure the ingredients.

4 Chocolate Pecan Pumpkin Pie

Now onto the pies... Of course you need a few different types of pie for dessert. Maybe your sister has her favorite and doesn't want to try another one, or your kids love having a small piece of three different kinds. You want everyone to have options.

Baking is one of the most fun kitchen activities that you can do with kids, so try this Chocolate Pecan Pumpkin Pie from Dash Of Sanity. There are three layers: fudge, pumpkin, and pecan, but each one only has a few ingredients. Yum.

3 Apple Pie Bars

You can also make these Apple Pie Bars from Merit and Fork with your children. They're great if you have some apple pie fans in your family, and it's fun to make them into bars instead.

You'll make the crust in a food processor, warm up the apple filling, and then make the delicious topping.

2 Pumpkin Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

What about making a pumpkin cake? While some children love pumpkin pie, others aren't so sure about the flavor as they might find it too strong. If that's the case for your little ones, making a pumpkin cake could appeal to them.

Recipe Tin Eat's Pumpkin Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting will be perfect. Everything is better with icing and these look delicious. The recipe is great: you'll mix the ingredients together, bake them in a sheet pan, and then put the icing on.

1 Thanksgiving Turkey Veggie Tray

Finally, here's a fun idea for an appetizer. A vegetable platter is always a healthy way to start off any meal. Try this recipe from Eating Richly and your children can help you assemble it, making the cut-up vegetables and dip look like a turkey. With carrots, cucumbers, red bell pepper, and snap peas, it's going to be adorable and also delicious.

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It'll be a really enjoyable activity and will help them feel involved in the big meal.

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