10 Celebs Who Have Mastered Red Carpet Maternity Looks (And 10 Every Day Looks)

Female celebs who are expecting have so many amazing fashion options, for the red carpet and for everyday. They have enough cash to treat themselves to the very best, and they sometimes receive free clothes from the world's premier fashion designers.

Any woman who's expecting and wants to turn heads will enjoy gathering inspiration from these ten ladies. This list includes one red carpet and one everyday look from ten pregnant stars who definitely stand out. Whether a mom-to-be loves traditional style or something trendier (or edgier), she'll find some wonderful red carpet and street style looks on this list.

Dressing up (or down) while pregnant can be fun. Maternity wear has come a long way. Some female celebs buy larger sizes of "regular" clothes, rather than going for maternity wear, so that's something for ladies to consider while they're shopping for new maternity looks. When it comes to day dressing, female stars run the gamut, from athleisure to tailored separates to body-conscious dresses. Every woman is different and dressing while pregnant is ultimately about choosing clothes that boost confidence.

Women who are expecting should read every entry on the list. They'll see some stellar fashion options, some of which may suit their personal style perfectly. Examples of celebs featured on this list include Natalie Portman, Ciara and Chrissy Teigen.

20 Ciara Wore A Turtleneck Sweater And Dramatic Skirt (Red Carpet)


Ciara is one stunning lady, whether she's expecting or not. Ciara Princess Harris has been married to pro football player, Russell Wilson, since 2016. She got together with Russell after a turbulent romance with Future. She has a son by Future, who is named after his dad, as well as a daughter with Wilson, who is named Sienna.

Sienna is growing up fast and Ciara and her hubby recently posted pics of the little girl on her first day of school, according to Atlantablackstar.com. Since Sienna is only one, we'll assume it's preschool. During pregnancy, gorgeous Sierra stayed stylish in glam, but modest, gowns.

19 Ciara Keeps It Classy Off The Red Carpet (Everyday)


Ciara has enviable style. She definitely knows how to make the most of her natural beauty. For everyday, while expecting, she frequently went for lady-like style. This elegant outfit, with its dress and matching jacket, looked so good on her. She topped it with a velvet coat and styled the look with cherry-red lips and a very dark manicure.

This look is grown-up. It's miles away from maternity jeans and a big t-shirt or hoodie.

Ciara seems very confident with fashion. She never really gets it wrong. According to InStyle.com, Ciara is a big fan of Isabelle Oliver clothes for moms-to-be, as well as maternity designs from A Pea In The Pod.

18 Natalie Portman Went For Bright Colors (Red Carpet)


Natalie Portman is a classic beauty who prefers classic fashion looks. A lot of the clothes that Natalie chooses wouldn't have looked out of place on Audrey Hepburn back in the day.

One standout red carpet maternity look from Natalie was a mustard-yellow gown with delicate white embellishments at the elbow and several inches above the hem. Natalie finished the look with a half-up, half-down hairstyle and diamond jewelry. She wore this exciting formal look to the 2017 Golden Globes.

This gown was ultra-fancy, but Natalie's stylist had said that the Black Swan actress also loves Top Shop Maternity, which is way more affordable, according to Vogue.com.

17 Natalie Portman Embraces Comfy Athleisure (Everyday)


Natalie dresses up so well, but goes for comfort for everyday when she's expecting. She appreciates the comfort of maternity athleisure, which allows her to move and makes it easier to take care of errands.

According to Vogue.com, Natalie typically likes feminine maternity dresses for events, and goes for flat shoes sometimes, because they are more comfortable. On the street, she's usually in sporty zip-up jackets made from stretchy fabrics, plus yoga pants and sunglasses.

She's comfortable in all kinds of clothes, but prefers a casual look when she's taking care of business on the city streets. With athleisure, women can go from prenatal yoga classes to lunch to Whole Foods and beyond. It's practical.

16 Chrissy Teigen Didn't Shy Away From Metallics (Red Carpet)


Some pregnant ladies assume that they should tone down personal style while they're expecting, by choosing clothes that don't stand out too much. This approach can be misguided. It's often better to raise the fashion bar by choosing fun pieces that sparkle or have other exciting design elements.

When everyone can see your baby bump anyway, regardless of what you put on, you might as well show it off!

Chrissy Teigen went for high glam when she got dolled up in a silver lamé gown from Yanina Couture for the 2018 Grammy Awards, according to Popsugar.com. She looked fabulous. At that time, Chrissy was expecting her second baby with hubby, John Legend.

15 Chrissy Teigen Didn't Give Up High Heels (Everyday)


Are high heels a good idea during pregnancy? Having been pregnant myself, I'd say that they should be a "once in a while" thing, but some celebs, including Chrissy Teigen, continue to wear them throughout their pregnancies. I was curious about what doctors have to say about high heels during pregnancy, so I looked around for expert opinions.

According to Cbsnews.com, women can wear heels. Unless there's a trip and fall situation, the heels won't negatively impact the development of unborn babies. However, doctors want women to know that their centers of gravity change during pregnancy, so they are likely to become more unsteady on high heels as their baby bumps grow.

14 Blake Lively Was A Vision In Blue (Red Carpet)


Since Blake Lively played the role of Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, she is indisputably a fashion icon. People want to see Blake dressed up in fashionista outfits and she's happy to give her many fans what they want. Blake has a lot of confidence and she's her own stylist. She hit the fashion target when she chose a gorgeous, sweeping blue gown for the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, according to the Dailymail.co.uk website.

Blake was then expecting her second child with Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds. This stunning gown was from Atelier Versace. Versace gowns are known for their high-wattage, runway-ready appeal.

13 Blake Lively Was Still A Fashionista (Everyday)


People expect high style from Blake. They want to see her in cute, Serena van der Woodsen-style outfits and she rarely disappoints. Blake's maternity street style is pretty spectacular. She is not afraid to wear bright colors, unique shapes and high heels. She finishes her maternity street style looks with pricey handbags, chic jewelry and perfect makeup.

According to Harpersbazaar.com, Blake is very fond of patterns while she's expecting. If you want the Blake Lively pregnancy look, consider a floral dress in bright pastels, or a bold jacket with bright colors, or an embellished mini-skirt with a scalloped hem (if you dare).

12 Beyoncé Slayed In A Citrus Hue (Red Carpet)


Beyoncé glows in warm colors. They suit her flawless caramel complexion and golden brown hair to perfection. While she was expecting, she chose a citrus-y evening gown for the 2011 VMA Awards. This bright-orange dress came from Paris-based fashion house, Lanvin, according to Mtv.com.

Channeling alter ego, Sasha Fierce, she cradled her baby bump and smiled.

Beyoncé's content smile was really her best accessory that night, along with some long and sparkly diamond earrings. She chose that night to announce her pregnancy and almost broke the Internet when she did so. Fans reacted by tweeting at a rate of more than eight thousand tweets per second!

11 Beyoncé Went For Cute Cotton Dresses (Everyday)


When the weather is warmer and a woman is pregnant, she's going to heat up fast. That's why lightweight dresses in natural fibers will feel so good. Beyoncê relied on breezy print dresses during her pregnancy. They fit well, without being tight, they didn't have constricting sleeves and they added a bit of fun color and pattern.

Beyoncê often paired her dresses with sky-high heels that matched her skin tone. These types of heels make women look taller and slimmer. However, a look like this would be great with sensible shoes, too, such as metallic or pastel Birkenstocks. According to Harpersbazaar, she also loved printed Gucci kimonos and printed scarves.

10 Marion Cotillard's Style Was Fearless (Red Carpet)

Marion Cotillard is fashion perfection. She's the epitome of chic "French Girl" style. What's really cool about Marion is the way that she takes chances. She's not afraid to wear something daring, which isn't necessarily a conventionally pretty look. She likes to experiment and that's just another reason to love this talented actress.

When she wore this dazzling black-and-white number to a movie premiere, she was expecting a baby. Instead of shying away from horizontal stripes, she embraced their graphic visual impact. Her dress was designed by Dries van Noten, according to Tomandlorenzo.com. Beyoncé and Jay-Z wore pastel van Noten suits in their latest music video, which was filmed at The Louvre in Paris.

9 Marion Cotillard Stayed Edgy (Everyday)


I personally love this outfit and think that Marion's maternity style is brilliant. This dark ensemble has a little punk edge, without being too extreme. According to InStyle.com, she paired a t-shirt with lace sleeves with skinny jeans and some gorgeous high heels. Everything is black, so she looks very high-fashion.

This look suits Marion's coloring and looks great with her sleek bob, fair skin and plum lips.

This cool maternity look isn't for the faint of heart, but it's an easy look to recreate if you love it. You may not be able to find a black t-shirt with lace sleeves, but finding a black t-shirt, skinny jeans and edgy heels should be easy.

8 Emily Blunt Chose A Body-Conscious Gown (Red Carpet)

A revista da mulher

British actress, Emily Blunt, who's married to "Jim from The Office" (John Krasinki), is proof positive that a body-conscious formal maternity gown can be incredibly elegant. She looked really, really great while wearing a navy blue and sparkly evening down that put her growing baby bump on display. The gown was from Michael Kors, according to Hellogiggles.com.

Since the gown shimmered, she kept the rest of her look simple, by pulling her hair up and going for a natural makeup look. She did wear some small diamond earrings, and a few glittery diamond rings. I think this is one of the most flattering and stylish red carpet looks on the list...what do you think?

7 Emily Blunt Kept Things Casual (Everyday)


Emily's maternity street style is very practical, comfortable and stylish. She prefers a pulled together look, according to Projectnursery.com, and it's possible to get her casual pregnancy looks by shopping for pieces at ASOS and the Gap. She might or might not get her clothes from those stores, but they have wonderful versions of maternity separates that do look a lot like what she wears.

For the Emily Blunt street style look, go for a long, striped tunic or pull a leather moto jacket on over a basic T and sporty leggings. Carry a big tote bag or a smaller cross-body bag.

6 Keira Knightley Went For An Ultra-Feminine Look (Red Carpet)


Keira Knightley was born to wear the world's most extravagant high-fashion creations. Her face stands out so much. It's a face that moviegoers love looking at. This is why Keira has her pick of formal gowns, whether she's expecting or not.

While Keira was pregnant, she looked amazing in an ultra-feminine gown from Valentino, which she wore to the 2015 Oscars, according to Glamour.com. She added a sparkly headband.

Keira didn't like wearing tight things when she was expecting. Her stylist would sometimes move the waist up on dresses so they fit her well, without being snug. If you want to look your best while expecting, getting a dress altered will be a smart strategy.

5 Keira Knightley Bundled Up In A Cozy Shearling Coat (Everyday)


Keira Knightley is based in London and she occasionally needs to bundle up on wet and chilly days. While she was expecting her daughter, Edie, she sported a comfy and oversized shearling or faux-shearling coat, which must have felt as cozy as a blanket. She also wore New Balance sneakers.

Keira often goes makeup-free and is frequently casually dressed when she's not working, according to the Dailymail.co.uk. She saves the high glam for special events and for work.

Keira's been in the news lately because she hasn't let her daughter watch certain Disney classics, including The Little Mermaid, because the female characters give up their power to men.

4 Kim Kardashian Was A Scarlet Lady (Red Carpet)


Would you have the courage to get decked out in scarlet lace and bright red lipstick during pregnancy? If so, reality TV star, entrepreneur and mother-of-three Kim Kardashian may just be your maternity style icon! Kim didn't shy away from wearing the most intense, show-stopping colors when she was pregnant. Maybe you should try a red dress, too.

According to Wetpaint.com, Kim rocked pregnancy style with a range of embellished dresses, from lacy styles, like the red dress pictured here, to sparkly grey numbers with plenty of silver sequins. Kim isn't afraid to steal the show and she didn't stop standing out, even when she was very far along in her pregnancies.

3 Kim Kardashian Relied On Basic Black (Everyday)


Kim is a petite woman. According to Whowhatwear.com, she's just five foot two. When petite woman are pregnant, their bumps really stand out. One of Kim's everyday maternity fashion tricks is to wear slimming back.

For day dressing, she did wear plenty of black maternity outfits, including body-conscious dresses worn with big black overcoats and strappy heels. Black is something that many women rely on. It's sleek and modern. Black definitely goes well with Kim's dark hair.

Kim has had tough pregnancies and this is why she went for a surrogate for baby number three (daughter, Chicago). During one pregnancy, she had early-onset preeclampsia, which made her body and face swell up.

2 Kerry Washington Glowed In A Neutral Gown (Red Carpet)


If you're pregnant and want a sophisticated look for a big event, consider doing what Kerry Washington did. Go for a sleek formal gown of full length, in a darker neutral. Dark neutrals always look elegant. Keep the shape simple. A long column of silk or satin in stone will look amazing.

According to Projectnursery.com, Kerry chose an "opal gray' formal gown by designer, Isabelle Oliver, for her stroll down the Oscars 2018 red carpet. Washington styled the look with diamond bracelets, a diamond clip on her bodice, deep burgundy lip color and a long and ultra-feminine hairstyle. Kerry is married to an NFL player and they have two children, Isabelle and Caleb.

1 Kerry Washington Didn't Stop Choosing Fun Clothes (Everyday)


Kerry Washington stayed open to fun casual fashion while she was expecting. She wasn't afraid to go for a cute and unusual collar, a bold pair of earrings and a wild oversized handbag with a snakeskin print. Kerry's days on Scandal, as Olivia Pope, are now over, according to Vanityfair.com, but she's just as stylish as her iconic character, even when she's very pregnant. On the set of Scandal, the costume team helped Kerry to hide her pregnancy, by adding stretchy panels to Armani pants. She's gotten tons of amazing style tips from costume departments, as well as Shonda Rimes.

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