10 Celeb New Year's Resolutions All Moms Should Try (And 10 That Are Not Relatable)

When it comes to the new year, it seems like everyone likes to take the opportunity to not only refresh and recharge, but rethink some of the goals in their lives, regardless if they are personal or professional. And as we all know, moms and dads are no different. After all, life can get very hectic if you are a full-time working parent (both in and outside of the home) and you are trying to juggle your family life. Either you want to get back into shape, work on your appearance, get a raise at your job or simply reorganize some of your cluttered cabinets in your pantries. Whatever your goal may be, it also seems as though we have good intentions for having them, but just not enough time to actually work on them.

With that being said, moms and dads should take advantage of the new year to reassess and perhaps even prioritize some of their New Year resolutions. That’s why we’ve got celeb-inspired resolutions that all moms should try and ten that are quite frankly not very relatable. Check out our list below and let us know what you think. Do any of these goals sound familiar?

Let's start with the 10 celeb resolutions all moms should try...

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20 Shay Mitchell Says She Wants To Be More Compassionate

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“We seldom really know or understand the struggles or hardships that other people are going through. So in 2019, let’s all try to be a little more compassionate, empathetic, patient and thoughtful with each other.”

Compassion is something that everyone should have, but it’s something that we often forget about, too. But as parents, we can most definitely teach our children how to be compassionate by modeling good behavior. It’s good to see that celebrities like Shay are doing their best to show more patience and be more empathetic. Here’s hoping that it’s not only a new year resolution but a permanent change.

19 John Mayer Wants To Read The News Less

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“Take in only what happened, not the thinking space around what happened.”

It doesn’t matter what side of the fence you are on, there’s no doubt that everyone would like to watch or read a little less of the news these days, especially if it’s not the positive kind. While it’s important to teach our children to be aware of what’s happening in their community – both locally and on a global scale – there’s nothing wrong with turning off the television or putting the phone down and simply focusing on what’s in front of us. And most of the time, it’s our kids and our family.

18 Amy Schumer Wants To Support Other Women More

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“Women, we are amazing and our love for each other is so deep. Let’s continue to link arms this year and move forward. All of us.”

It’s without a doubt that a lot of mothers can agree to this. After all, social media mom shaming happens too often. It’s very easy to criticize another mom for the way she parents or runs her household. We always see different debates, whether it’s breastfeeding versus bottle feeding or staying at home versus working outside of the house. Whatever you decide to do, the best thing we can do as moms is simply support one another. There’s no denying that we are stronger in numbers.

17 Bozoma Saint John Is All About Self Care

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“I have 1 resolution that I keep every year… and in true form, it involves pampering. Scrub off the old year… massage in the intentions of the new year.”

Everyone needs a little self-care in their lives, and especially moms. Because if there is one person who consistently puts others ahead of herself, it’s the mother of every household. This year, don’t be afraid – or guilty for that matter – for putting yourself ahead of your family for a change. Go to the spa. Have a mom’s night out. Pamper yourself. Or simply take a break and spend a little time focusing on yourself, even if that means locking out everyone from your bedroom to read a good book or catch up on your favorite Netflix programs.

16 Chelsea Handler Wants To Take More Risks

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“I spent the last year unearthing everything about who I really want to be and what I want to contribute to this world,” she wrote. “And I shot a documentary and wrote a book that were both cathartic and unlike anything I’ve ever done before.” Then Handler urged her followers to “love hard and strong,” as well as to “dream big, go hard, and drink lots of water.”

Taking risks might sound a little controversial, but there’s nothing wrong with trying to live outside of your boundaries, especially if that means you are doing something that isn’t part of your norm. Plus, loving hard and loving strong should be a priority on everyone’s resolution list.

15 Demi Lovato Isn’t Taking The Bad Days For Granted

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“So grateful for the lessons I’ve learned this year. I will never take another day in life for granted, even the bad ones.”

Even though Demi Lovato isn’t a mother herself, this is something that a lot of moms can relate to. Because let’s face it: who out there hasn’t had a bad day at home with their kids? We’ve all had them, and we all have experienced mom guilt from time to time. But just like Demi says, there’s no reason why we should take any of our time for granted, even if it’s the bad days. They are going to happen, and sometimes you just can’t avoid them.

14 Jessie James Decker Wants To Be More Social And Less Hermity

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This sounds like a great New Year resolution for many moms, regardless if they are stay-at-home moms or if they work outside the home. But truth be told, it’s very hard to be more social and less “hermity” (as Jessie likes to put it) when you have a family. Clearly, every mom knows the reason why, too. It’s not always easy to go out and have drinks with your mom friends when you have a monthly budget that you have to stick to. For those moms who work and take care of their family, the last thing they want to do is get dressed up and go out on the weekends. After a while, we’ve all become hermits who would rather just chill on the couch – for free.

13 Tessa Thompson Wants To Remain Calm

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“Remain calm.”

This. All of this. What parent hasn’t lost it in the past? We’ve all been there. It doesn’t matter if you have one child, two, three, or even four – remaining calm is one of the keys to successful parenting. Even though it’s not always possible, it’s a good reminder that sometimes we just need to breathe and let go of the small stuff. As parents, we won’t always be in control of every situation. But we can remain in control of ourselves, our emotions and our reactions.

12 Jamie Lynn Sigler Needs More Time

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“Give myself more me time. I tend to follow the rule ‘If I’m not being paid to leave my kids, I’m always with them.’ Which is wonderful… but sometimes Mommy needs a break. And I’m going to take just a few more.”

If there were a 25th hour in the day, every parent on this planet would take advantage of it (and then complain that there isn’t a 26th hour to help them rest). Let’s face it: time is just as valuable as money, and if not more. How we choose to spend our time though, is what makes the difference. But with job, home, and school or activity obligations, it’s not always easy, but there are parents out there that make the best of it.

11 Hilaria Baldwin Wants More Kindness

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“I’ve been really focusing on teaching my kids kindness. I want that to be the primary focus of the New Year.”

Just like compassion, the only way that we can teach our kids kindness is by modeling good behavior ourselves. But just like our children, we parents are imperfect human beings. We have our flaws and we make our mistakes. A lot of people believe that you shouldn’t argue with your spouse in front of the kids. After all, a lot of unkind things can be said. But what better way to teach your kids who to make up then by doing so yourselves, right?

And here are the 10 resolutions that are just not feasible... 

10 Tia Mowry Wants More Me Time - Something Moms Never Get

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“To make more time for Me Time. With two kids it’s been a little challenging.”

Now, let’s make something clear here: there’s a huge difference between wanting more time and wanting more ‘me’ time. For some, it’s not a problem, especially if they have nannies or a household full of staff members that can help them with all of the cooking, cleaning, ironing, and day-to-day activities. But for others, it’s simply impossible. The only ‘me’ time we get is when we sleep, and even that’s not enough. ‘Me’ time might happen once the kids are all grown up or away in college.

9 Eric Winter Wants Parenting To Be Less Challenging (Yeah, Right!)

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“Without question, my parenting resolution is to be more patient, especially with my daughter. Being a parent is incredibly rewarding, but it’s also by far, one of the most challenging things I’ve ever had to do. Especially as my daughter gets older and becomes more of her own little individual.”

Do you hear that sound? That’s about half a million parents laughing in unison. Because as much as we love being moms and dads, parenting is always going to be a challenge. We’ll let you in on a little secret here: it doesn’t get easier after the baby and toddler years. It gets much harder. That’s because the ‘teen years’ happen and yes, it’s as dramatic as you’d expect.

8 Heidi Pratt Wants To Feel Less Stressed About Motherhood

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My New Year’s resolution is to be less stressed and not to worry about the little things. Becoming a mom has been such a blessing and has come with so many new challenges. I would also like to expand our family in 2019!”

Yes, that sound you hear is the same sound as the parents that are still laughing over the ‘less challenging’ comment. And while we do hope that Heidi and her husband Spencer Pratt do expand their family this year, let’s get real: the stress never goes away. With more kids, you just have more problems and more things to worry about.

7 Justin Baldoni Wants To Quit Using His Phone So Often (It's Not Going To Happen)

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This year I am acknowledging my full-on addiction to my phone and staying connected, and will instead be working on staying connected to my family. I think being present is something we have to actively work on, and I am working hard to create memories for my kids that don’t involve their daddy staring into his phone.”

Almost every parent out there can relate to this. But it’s almost impossible, right? The only way that we can put our phones down is if we leave them at home. But if we do that, then we will miss all of the important texts, emails and messages from our spouse, loved ones, and boss. As much as no one wants to admit it, our phones are as essential as the air in our lungs: we need it to survive.

6 Eva Amurri Wants To Play With Her Kids More (Despite Her Busy Mom Schedule)

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My parenting resolution for the New Year is to separate work and play more effectively. Working from home, with two toddlers, the lines get blurred really easily!”

As easy as this sounds, it’s something else that seems nearly impossible for the everyday mom. Sure, moms would love to get down on the floor, forget everything they are doing, and just play with our child’s legos and toys with them. But then again, the pasta is boiling in the kitchen, the dog desperately needs to take a walk outside and the baby won’t stop crying in the next room. In other words, it’s constant chaos.

5 Teddi Mellencamp Wants Goals, Not Resolutions (Some Of Which Are Unattainable)

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I don’t make resolutions; rather, I set daily goals for myself. That way I know each day I’m trying to be the best parent (and wife and business person) I can be. Every day is different so no year-long resolution can prepare you for that!”

As much as this sounds like a great goal to have, parents know that goals only have about a six-week lifespan. Remember that goal you had to get to work on time every morning? Or even to clean out and organize your kitchen pantry? We all have goals, but then life happens and we tend to forget about them.

4 Nicole Ari Parker Wants To Survive The Incredibly Hard and Emotional Preteen Years

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My parenting resolution for 2019, now that I have preteens, is to honor who they are becoming and what they’re going through and making time for that. I thought ‘Hey! They’re good! They got this!’ (I was just happy they could pour their own juice and take the bus to school.)”

This is something else a lot of parents can relate to. The preteen years are just as difficult as the pretween years and the teen years. If you thought that the toddler years were rough, just wait until your child asks you to buy him or her their very first car. That, or they will want to actually drive it. Those are the years that you definitely want to survive.

3 Ashley Williams Dodson Wants More One-On-One Time With Her Kids (Despite Having No Time)

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I think we are going to make it a priority for my husband and I to spend one-on-one time with the kids more often. It’s fun when it’s all four of us, but it’s also a circus!”

A lot of parents know that one-on-one time is only attainable if you have one child. But if you have multiple kids in your family, it’s nearly impossible to give each child the love, time, and attention that they deserve. Unless you’ve got extended family members or trusted friends that can help, it’s me, you, your sister, your brother, and the pug, baby.

2 Candace Cameron Bure Is Going To Be More Picky About Work (Which Regular Moms Can't Be)

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My New Year’s resolution is to be very picky about what I choose to say yes to. There are a lot of options and sometimes you gotta stand up and just say no.”

Unfortunately, this is something that a lot of moms out there can’t say for themselves. Why? Because many work hard for their paychecks and can’t afford to be picky with their work or the projects that they take on. After all, as a parent, you always worry about your family and your financial future. Not everyone is in the position to say ‘no’ especially when it’s your job to make sure your kids have at least three hot meals a day.

1 Nick Jonas Wants To Take Time Off And Travel (Don't We All?)

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“My New Year’s resolution is to basically repeat my resolution from last year, which was to take more time off, go see the world, travel and have some great experiences so that you can be inspired to get back to work.”

Wouldn’t we all want to just take time off, book a flight to a fabulous destination like The Maldives and leave our troubles behind for at least one week? It sounds almost like a dream that is too good to be true, right? Well, for many moms out there, it is. We would love to travel more, but that’s just not happening, especially when you have to pay for all of the cheerleading, hockey, piano, and violin lessons each week. 

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