10 Celeb Kids That Are Nothing Like The Characters They Play (And 10 That Are)

Fancy going to the movies? The wonderful world of cinema is full of imagination, CGI tricks, and popcorn, of course.

While stars like Charlie Chaplin, Jack Nicholson, Meryl Streep, Anthony Hopkins, and Sandra Bullock will always shine above the hills of Hollywood, we should admit that there are many great films with exceptional performances by celeb kids.

Frankly, child and teen stars who encounter fame at a young age can shape the future of Hollywood – just look at Millie Bobby Brown, Farrah Mackenzie, and Maya Hawke. This is not surprising at all. In fact, many celebs started acting when they were very young: Elijah Wood, Christina Ricci, and Leonardo DiCaprio, just to name a few. At the same time, there are many child stars who can’t escape from their most famous roles and get trapped in a time of limbo. Daniel Radcliffe is not a child anymore!

Kids or adults, most stars sacrifice a lot and lose their minds in an attempt to get into character. Yet, we have to remember that some actors are known for roles that are exactly the opposite to who they are in real life.

So, here are ten celeb kids who are nothing like the characters they play, and ten that are.

20 Tom Felton Vs. Draco Malfoy

Even if you’re not a student at Hogwarts, there’s no way you can like Draco Malfoy. From a rich and manipulative family, Draco is a typical bully who’s in constant competition with Harry Potter. The truth, however, is that we all love Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy.

As a matter of fact, Tom Felton - who grew up in front of the whole world - is nothing like the villains he usually plays. According to hypable.com, Tom is a genuinely nice person. And guess what?! Although Draco’s bullying of Neville is notorious, Tom Felton actually gets along well with Mathew Lewis, best known for playing Neville Longbottom.

19 Troian Bellisario Vs.  Spencer Hastings

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Troian Bellisario is best known for playing Spencer Hastings in the Pretty Little Liars series. Rich, confident, and manipulative, Spencer is a popular member of the notorious secret group the Liars.

Although actress Troian Bellisario is definitely pretty, there are no other similarities between Troian and Spencer. In fact, Bellisario is nothing like the character she played in the show. Troian, now 32, has actually been struggling with self-esteem issues and anorexia. In fact, she opened up to Glamour, "I want people to understand that this is a dangerous illness and it means fighting for your life." The good news is that Troian is pregnant and expecting her first baby with Patrick J. Adams.

18 Jack Gleeson Vs. King Joffrey

It’s not a secret that Game of Thrones is not for the lighthearted. No matter how tough you are, King Joffrey Baratheon’s cruel and misogynistic attitude will scare you away. King Joffrey is manipulative and childish all at the same time - definitely one of the most hated characters in the show! What is it like being associated with such a role?

Young actor Jack Gleeson is exactly the opposite. According to thetalko.com, Jack Gleeson is sweet, charming, and with a sense of humor. Jack doesn’t hide his love for baking and playing the ukulele. Actually, Gleeson quit acting in hope to lead a normal life as a student.

17 Leighton Meester Vs. Blair Waldorf

Aren’t we all gossip girls? Well, there's no doubt that the Netflix teen melodrama Gossip Girl is popular worldwide. Rich and manipulative, socialite Blair Waldorf is one of the most influential members of the notorious group of privileged private-school kids in Gossip Girl.

Actress Leighton Meester is nothing like her Gossip Girl, though. It’s not a secret that Leighton’s family led a crazy life and as a result, Leighton was born while her mother was serving a sentence in prison. Nevertheless, the young actress told huffingtonpost.com, "I look back now and I see it in a nice light. It wasn’t uncomplicated, but I played outside, I went to the beach. There were happy, fun times."

16 Robert Pattinson Vs. Edward Cullen

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While Twilight fans love Bella and Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson – the young actor who played Edward - didn’t fall in love with the teen drama at all. In fact, Robert Pattinson hated his character and his depressive vampire attitude. Did you know, though, that Robert Pattinson was almost fired from Twilight? The reason? He took his role too seriously... and wasn’t smiling enough. Hmm, are vampires jolly?

The truth is that Robert is a positive person who, as it turns out, loves the sun. What’s more, Pattinson hated the fact that fans didn’t let him move on from the bloody shadow of the Twilight world.

15 Abraham Attah Vs. Agu

Abraham Attah is one of the most talented teen actors today. He made his debut in the wonderful Beasts of No Nation where he played the leading role of Agu, a child soldier. His acting was unique, and Abraham received numerous awards, such ad Leading Role, Black Film Critics Rising Star Awards, Independent Spirit Award for Best Male Lead, and Gold Derby Film Awards for the Best Breakthrough Performer Awards.

Luckily, Abraham’s life is nothing like the film and its tragic storyline. Abraham, who was actually found by director Cary Fukunaga on the streets of Ghana, has a loving family and is living in the US now.

14 Daniel Radcliffe Vs. Harry Potter

The magical world of the Harry Potter series is fascinating. The story of Harry Potter who leaves his unhealthy adoptive family and becomes one of the greatest wizards ever is beautiful. It appeals to kids as well as adults.

But maybe Daniel Radcliffe won’t agree with us. While Harry Potter is a powerful wizard, Daniel Radcliffe is just a human being. And like any human being, Radcliffe is not immune to social pressure. The young actor couldn’t cope with all the demands that came with his fame, so he sought refuge in drinking. In fact, according to bbcamerica.com, Radcliffe has had enough of Harry Potter… which is the reason he refuses to wear glasses even when he needs them.

13 Craig Lamar Traylor Vs. Stevie

More than a decade later, the American sitcom Malcolm in the Middle is still iconic. Why? Simply because with its dysfunctional and crazy family dynamics, many families can relate to the show and its characters. Stevie, Malcolm’s best friend, is one of our favorite characters. Just like Malcolm, Stevie has a crazy family. Just look at Abraham Kenarban, his devoted and awkward father!

Nevertheless, Craig Lamar Traylor is nothing like the boy he played. According to mtv.com, Craig Lamar Traylor is not a shy, asthmatic, and sarcastic boy anymore – he is a confident young man who is also a talented tattoo artist.

12 Willow Shields Vs. Primrose

Are you a fan of the Hunger Games film series? Then you must love Kat’s little sister, Primrose Everdeen. The love between Kat, played by Jennifer Lawrence, and Prim, portrayed by Willow Shields, is so strong that Kat doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice herself to protect her little sister.

Although Willow Shields has a sister – a fraternal twin – in real life, the young actress is nothing like the character she played. While Prim has the talent to heal and spread peaceful love, young Willow is more like Kat: an active teen, involved in various social causes and in love with pop culture. Perhaps the only thing Willow has in common with Prim is the earthy name she has.

11 Justin Berfield Vs. Reese

And back to Malcolm in the Middle! Do you remember Reese, Malcolm’s second-oldest brother? I bet you do! Not very smart and constantly-scheming! Well, last time we saw him, Reese was nowhere near to becoming a businessman.

Justin Berfield who played Reese is nothing like his slow-witted character, though. According to ladbible.com, Berfield is a "Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Virgin, Berfield oversees a full-service development team responsible for the packaging and production of commercial quality film, television and digital short-form content that is reflective of the Virgin brand." What’s more, Justin Berfield is not a tormentor at all – he is involved in social and philanthropic work.

10 Millie Bobbie Brown & Eleven

The Netflix show Stranger Things is exciting and nostalgic all at the same time. And with a talented cast, of course. Millie Bobbie Brown, who plays Eleven, might be only a girl but she is already an icon for her generation.

Just like the unique character she played, Millie’s life is more than interesting: she was born in Spain to British parents and moved to the US when she was a kid. It’s not only her life but her personality that’s distinguishable. According to imdb.com, a top Hollywood talent scout told Millie’s parents "she has instincts you cannot teach." We can see that ourselves!

9 Emma Watson & Hermione

We all know that Hermione Granger becomes a powerful witch. It’s no surprise that young Emma Watson is just like the character she played when she was a kid: powerful, influential, and charming.

According to borgenproject.org, Emma Watson is one of the most influential women involved in philanthropic work and social causes. In fact, the Harry Potter actress is passionate about gender equality - she’s been involved in the HeForShe movement, helping girls in poor areas access education. As Emma pointed out, although it’s women who are expected to help their families survive - fetch water, provide food and care for their families – many women are still not treated with respect.

8 Macaulay Culkin & Kevin

Home Alone is a classic movie. Is there a kid out there who wouldn’t enjoy waking up to an empty house without his or her parents? I don’t think so. Just like the 8-year-old Kevin who was left home alone, Macaulay Culkin is a talented troublemaker. According to ranker.com, he formed a band called The Pizza Underground, he wrote a book entitled Junior, and he still travels back and forth between New York and Paris. Hmm, maybe it's because Kevin never made it to France!!!

There were rumors about Culkin’s substance use but the only thing Culkin wants from the paparazzi is to be left Home Alone.

7 Dakota Fanning & Lucy

While some actors wait for years to get nominated, beautiful actress Dakota Fanning was only seven when she received her first acting award nomination. The performance that earned Dakota the nomination was for her role in the iconic film I am Sam. Dakota played sweet Lucy, Sam’s daughter, who at the age of seven starts to intellectually surpass her mentally-challenged father, played by talented Sean Penn.

Just like her character, Dakota is a loving person who believes in her family. In fact, according to screenrant.com, Dakota has reconciled with her sister Elle, and now the two are inseparable.

6 Jeremy Ray Taylor & Ben

The Maze Runner, Stranger Things, Silent Hill, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, there are many films with wonderful performances by children. Kids who encounter fame at a young age are shaping the future of Hollywood. Jeremy Ray Taylor is one of the most talented child actors. He is known for his role as Ben Hanscom in It. The 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s horror novel is thrilling.

Ben Hanscom is an overweight and shy child, but he is the smartest member of the Loser’s team. Just like the character he played, Jeremy Ray Taylor is also smart – Jeremy was only eight when he was signed to a talent manager and began acting.

5 Charlie Heaton & Jonathan

Perhaps one of the strangest things about Stranger Thing is all the gossip around the cast. Sadly, even children can’t escape from rumors and social feuds. It’s no surprise that Millie Bobby Brown left Twitter after she became a target of cyberbullying.

It’s a fact, though, that talented Charlie Heaton has had a jagged journey through life. Actually, he was detained and denies entry to the US for supposed substance possession. And just like the character he played (Jonathan Byers), Heaton is full of surprises. One of the biggest surprises? Young actor Heaton has a child back in the UK.

4 Mischa Barton & Marissa

The O.C. is an iconic show – it became a global phenomenon which changed the teen dramas forever. Do you remember the Core Four? Marissa Cooper, portrayed by Mischa Barton, was one of the main characters: popular, spoiled, and confused.

Just like Marissa, Mischa Barton grew up in a wealthy family and had numerous personal struggles. One of the notorious scandals Mischa was involved in included her own mother and manager, Nuala Barton. Mischa claimed that her mother was holding up the sale of their Beverly Hills home. True or not, Mischa is just like Marissa.

3 Anne Hathaway & Mia

Wouldn’t it be magical to be a real-life royal? It’s no surprise that the teen romantic comedy The Princess Diaries became a big hit among kids, as well as adults. Shy Mia becomes a stunning princess. We, the common folk, need a miracle affirmation that we can make our dreams come true.

Just like the character she played, Hathaway is alternative (in fact, she is a vegan) and with strong beliefs (she’s a feminist). And just like Mia, Hathaway became a target of cyberbullying, part of the Hatha-hate movement. At the same time, the young actress has lots of will-power, and her Oscar awards prove that.

2 Frankie Muniz & Malcolm

It's not a secret that some child actors can never escape from the roles they played. Take Malcolm, portrayed by Frankie Muniz, for example. Malcolm, the wild genius shaken by his teen hormones and family madness, is one of our most beloved characters ever.

Just like the character he played, Frankie Muniz is also very talented. In fact, Muniz played in a band called Kingsfoil. What’s more, Frankie Muniz is a real-life daredevil. Muniz became a famous race car driver. Although the young actor has had some health issues, nothing can stop him now. In the end, Louise is not the boss of him anymore.

1 Miley Cyrus & Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana is a legendary Disney teen musical comedy show. Miley Stewart, a popular teen, lives a double life. To be more precise, she becomes pop star Hannah Montana at night. How cool is that?

Just like the character she portrayed, Miley Cyrus appeared to be a regular teen. However, according to biography.com, in 2004 Miley managed to beat out 1000 kids and got the role of Miley Stewart. We shouldn’t be surprised, though, that fame can change child stars. Actually, Miley became a controversial celeb – smiley and sweet Miley appeared almost nude in the single Wrecking Ball.

Is your child aiming for Hollywood?

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