10 Budget-Friendly Baby Shower Gifts (And 10 For Those Who Want To Splurge)

Getting the right baby shower gift can be quite a difficult task, especially for those who just don't know how to pick presents, or perhaps don't know the soon-to-be parents well enough to get something they would enjoy. But don't worry, this is where we come in. We've assembled a list of 20 perfect baby shower gifts – 10 affordable, yet super adorable ones, and 10 that are on the pricier side. Trust us, there is definitely something for everyone on here, and most parents would love to get any of these, whether they are the practical type, who would get great use out of a portable travel crib or a diaper changing station, or whether they're the sentimental type, who love adorable gifts like a set of baby milestone photo cards or a beautiful memory box. Besides, at the end of the day, it's the thought that matters. And sometimes, it's not even about whether the soon-to-be parents are practical or sentimental – sometimes, it has to do with the gift giver as well. What budget is appropriate for a work friend, or for a sister? What sort of gift is appropriate? This list covers pretty much all these possibilities.

So here they are, 10 great and budget-friendly baby shower gifts, followed by 10 baby shower gifts for those who have the urge to spend.

20 Budget-Friendly: A Portable Diaper Changing Station

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The thing with babies is that one can never know when a diaper change might be in order. And while most modern day restrooms have a changing station, there are still plenty of times when parents wish they had a portable one. So, getting one as a baby shower gift is a great idea. And the best thing about portable diaper changing stations is that they are not only super useful, but can also be found online for as low as $20.

19 Budget-Friendly: A Set Of Milestone Baby Photo Cards

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This is the perfect gift for the more social media-savvy and photo-obsessed parents. A collection of milestone baby photo cards is a great and quite unique low-budget gift, and it is a great way for the parents to create photos that will remind them of those beautiful memories. Besides, we all know how social media obsessed today's world can be, and who wouldn't want to post a photo of their adorable child, letting everyone know they took their first steps today?

18 Budget-Friendly: A Hooded Baby Bath Towel

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One thing parents can't have enough of is baby bath towels, and getting a cute one with an adorable hood is another perfect, budget-friendly baby shower gift. There are plenty affordable ones that can be found online with different (usually animal-themed) hoods that look so cute when used on children. A baby towel is definitely one of those gifts that parents will for sure use a lot, as babies take plenty of baths during their first few months. Talk about cute!

17 Budget-Friendly: Silicone Baby Food Freezer Tray

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At some point, parents will definitely dabble in making their own baby food, and once they do, these silicone baby food freezer trays will come in handy. With these, parents can easily blend a nice batch of baby food and freeze it for future use. Plus, making their own food can be much healthier than getting store-bought baby food, so we would recommend adding a few easy baby food recipes to print out and add to this gift, just to make things slightly easier for the parents.

16 Budget-Friendly: A Tooth Box

Another cute and thoughtful, yet budget-friendly baby shower gift is finding a nice baby tooth box. We all know how attached to their kids parents can get, so giving them a cute box to store their child's first teeth might sound a bit creepy, but trust us, they will love it! And beautiful, high-quality baby tooth boxes can easily be found online for less than $20, making this a meaningful but also very affordable baby shower gift.

15 Budget-Friendly: A Pretty Sleeping Bag

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A sleeping bag is something parents might think they won't need at first, but as soon as their newborn grows a bit and starts moving around a lot in their sleep, they will realize they do. And that makes a baby sleeping bag another perfect baby shower gift. There are so many cute designs and patterns a gifter can easily find for a decent price. Just always make sure it's big enough, and it's always better to get a size too large than a size too small. Babies grow, after all.

14 Budget-Friendly: A Newborn Boppy Pillow

Often, moms don't realize that their lives would be so much easier if they had a boppy pillow, which is exactly why it is a great baby shower gift option. The pillow can be used for nursing, bottle feeding, propping and sitting, and parents who don't have one have no idea how much easier all those things would be by having one. Plus, a boppy pillow can be found for under $30, and it will make the parents eternally grateful to you.

13 Budget-Friendly: A Moonlight And Melodies Nightime Soother

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A cute animal moonlight soother with nice, calming melodies can be of great help for parents when they're trying to put their newborn to sleep. There are a plethora of choices online within a reasonable price range (aka $15-30), and they usually come with a soothing light pattern for visual relaxation as well. Plus, a bonus of it is that it can also help parents relax and fall asleep in times of need, so it's kinda like a 2-in-1 present.

12 Budget-Friendly: A Cute Floating Bath Thermometer

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Earlier we mentioned that newborns take loads of baths, so it's not rocket science that bath accessories are great gifts for baby showers. This is another great low-budget present. Parents always want to make sure the bath temperature is just right and by giving them this adorable baby bath thermometer, you can definitely count on giving them something that they will use a lot. Plus, once the kid grows a bit, the floating duckie ensures that it is kind of a present for the kid as well, since they can play with it during bath time.

11 Budget-Friendly: A 'What To Expect In The First Year' Book

Last but not least in our low-budget present section, is the ultimate guidebook: What To Expect In The First Year. This allows the parents to read through what might and what will most likely happen during that first year, in order to help them prepare for everything. Parenting, especially if it is their first child, can be quite scary, so this book might be able to alleviate some of that fear and help them prepare for their newborn. When it comes to kids, there's no such thing as being overprepared!

10 Splurge-Friendly: A Light Travel Crib

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A light travel crib can be such a useful baby shower present for those parents who travel a bit, or for parents who visit friends and family a lot and want to make sure their baby still has a crib to be in. While it's not the cheapest gift, it is definitely a super useful one. Travel cribs are super lightweight, yet stable enough for a toddler to still play in it. The travel crib will also be useful for a longer period of time.

9 Splurge-Friendly: A Nice Brush And Comb Set

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Another gift that parents might want to hold onto even after their baby grows up is a nice brush and comb set. Now, while these can be purchased on a budget, getting a more expensive set is usually a better idea, as the quality of it does matter. Brushing a baby's hair needs to be done very gently, as their heads are quite soft and vulnerable. Besides, a parent will definitely be more inclined to keep their baby's first brush and comb set if it's a beautiful one.

8 Splurge-Friendly: A Pretty Memory Box

A memory box is another one of those gifts parents will hold onto for a long time, so getting a nicely made one is a must when wanting to give one as a present. There are beautiful ones that can be found online, some of them can even be custom made for that extra personal touch. Either way, getting a memory box is a great gift, as parents generally like to keepsake pretty much anything related to their little ones.

7 Splurge-Friendly: A Kindle E-reader

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A Kindle E-reader might seem like an odd gift at first, but when you think about it, those parents who want to read to their newborns usually also hold them, which can make flipping pages a quite difficult task. This is why a Kindle is useful. Unlike a traditional book, the Kindle will move onto the next page with a simple tap on the screen. Add an extra special touch by purchasing and downloading some great children's books for mom and dad to read to their kids.

6 Splurge-Friendly: A Nursery Rocking Chair

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A rocking chair for the nursery is another great gift if you know the parents' interior design preferences. This gift will definitely be put to good use during those long nights once the baby is born. You definitely want to make sure that the chair matches the style of the nursery, but that it is comfortable as well. Once you are confident in those two factors, getting the chair will definitely be a great gift for the soon-to-be parents. Those late nights won't seem so bad when they can lounge in a comfy, cozy chair!

5 Splurge-Friendly: A Sheepskin Footmuff

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If the baby will grow up in a colder climate where winters are chilly, getting a footmuff might be a wonderful baby shower gift. There are plenty of different ones that can be found online and in stores, and most of them are made so that they fit the standard baby stroller sizes. This gift is something parents might not think of getting themselves at first, so by getting it for them, you will definitely make sure they are ready for all the walks on cold days.

4 Splurge-Friendly: A Baby Gift Basket

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A baby gift basket is a wonderful gift for those who either don't know the parents too well, or want to make sure their gift isn't a miss. A baby gift basket is always something that will definitely be used, and there are plenty of options out there. The one above is a Burt's Bees one that is filled with baby bath time goodies to ensure the newborn has the best bath experience. And if you're brave enough you might even get a basket and fill it yourself with things you think the baby (and the parents) would enjoy!

3 Splurge-Friendly: A Fancy Diaper Bag

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If you know the parents' style well enough, you can definitely purchase them a beautiful, high-quality diaper bag. A diaper bag is totally underrated, and most parents aren't even aware of how much they will depend on them. Giving them a nice one is something they will definitely be super grateful for. A lot of brands make high quality baby bags, whether it's famous designers like Burberry or Louis Vuitton, or classic baby brands. There is definitely something you can find that will meet the parents needs and preferences.

2 Splurge-Friendly: An Organic Baby Bedding Set

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An organic baby bedding set might be the perfect gift for those environment and health aware parents who only want the best, not only for their child, but also for our planet. There are quite a few options out there when it comes to picking an organic set, and generally, you just need to either know the size of the baby crib or make sure the parents can exchange the gift later on if you didn't get the measurements right.

1 Splurge-Friendly: A Baby Bullet

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Last on our list of baby shower gifts is a baby bullet. Having a blender that is specifically made for making baby food is a great option for those parents who want to make sure their newborn is eating well. Making one's own baby food allows parents to know exactly what their baby is eating. Maybe throwing a few of the above-mentioned silicone baby food freezer trays next to this gift would also be a great option, so that they immediately have something to freeze the food in.

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