10 Best Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands For Kids

When it comes to babies, there are so many products to choose from. There are necessities, like strollers, bottles, and diapers. There are wants, such as cool toys and comfy rocking chairs. And there are eco-friendly items to consider, too!

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Thankfully, we live in a time when there are lots of organic products and sustainable options out there. So when it comes time to shop for baby, consider these 10 products. They are attractive pieces, they are needed pieces, and they are good for the environment, as well. From cribs and bags to blankets and cribs, keep scrolling to see the entire list!

10. Convertible Crib

This list is starting off with a crib, which is sometimes the first item parents consider purchasing. Getting the right one is crucial, as it needs to fit in its space, it needs to coordinate with its surroundings, and it needs to be safe and easy to use. This one is available in a couple of different colors - all which have a non-toxic finish - and it converts into a toddler bed and a daybed! That means that it is a three-for-one deal, and it can be bought through Amazon Prime, which is always a plus.

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9. Changing Pad

Another needed item is a changing pad, since there will be tons and tons of diapers to change. And while changing pads may just seem like simple pieces of clothed foam, they are not all created equal. This one has a waterproof barrier, which will come in handy. It features an Air-Core™ support system, which keeps babies in position, yet comfortable. And the entire thing is crafted from organic cotton, which is gentle on delicate skin. 

8. Eco-Friendly Diapers

And speaking of changing diapers...There are big brands out there that sell tons of diapers a year, but think of all that waste. Eco-friendly diapers like these are made from natural and biodegradable materials, so they work like normal ones - they are just better for a baby’s health and skin. This brand’s design has a cornstarch film, which breathes and results in an airier, drier and more comfortable diaper. And when it comes to absorbency, there is actually wood pulp in this one, but the entire thing is designed to minimize the risks of allergy and diaper rash.

7. Swaddles

Swaddling is important for babies, as it helps them feel safe and protected. This swaddle features an open-weave mesh, a zipper that works from the top or bottom, a design that won’t come undone and 100 percent organic cotton. Now, what that means is that it is fast and easy for a parent to swaddle a baby...then the baby will feel nice and cozy...and it will all be good for the environment, due to how the swaddle is made! So, if anyone out there is searching for the perfect product for a baby, we highly recommend this one.

6. Bath Products

via Ruby's Cosmetics

When shopping for newborns, people always think of strollers, bottles, cribs, clothes, and toys, but remember: Babies are just little humans, so they need some of the same things that we do, like bath products. However, their sensitive skin requires special shampoo and soap. The Ruby-Blue Bunny line is one of many that is made especially for babies. Ingredients include organic juices, oils, and extracts - all of which are derived from renewable resources, all of which will clean babies right up, and all of which are gentle on sensitive skin. It is nice to know that even during bath time, parents can use products that are good for the environment!

5. Teething Set

Teething is a very uncomfortable experience for babies, and toys like these feature a variety of textures on them, which can help massage tender gums. This specific set, from Target, includes a natural rubber radish-shaped teether, a wooden bunny toy ring, and a soft silicone carrot teether. They are all designed with safe materials, are BPA-free and are easy to grasp. Plus, they are just super cute! Parents and loved ones need to know that even when it comes to toys and teethers, be sure to look at the “ingredients” to find eco-friendly ones that aren’t harmful.

4. Reusable Wipes

Earlier, we mentioned eco-friendly diapers, but there are also reusable diapers and wipes. Instead of throwing out these items multiple times a day, cloth versions can be used. They do require a little work and a little getting used to, but they are great for Mother Earth. These cloth wipes are made of 100 percent cotton flannel. They can be used as wipes during changing times, used to wipe up messes, or used during bath time, too. Even Mom and Dad may want to turn to these guys, because they also come in fun patterns, which is an added bonus!

3. Baby Blanket

Joolz is a very well-known brands, so it makes sense that they would have a great blanket like this one. Even if this one is not suitable for all parents, know that organic blankets exist and are encouraged! Babies are snuggled up in these, and parents don't need to worry about materials causing harm. This blanket is made of 100 perfect cotton, it absorbs moisture, it regulates heat, it comes in a variety of colors, and its honeycomb pattern is just gorgeous. There are lots of options out there for eco-friendly blankets, but we just love this one!

2. Foods & Snacks

Just as there are good-for-the-environment bath products, there are also food and snacks that contain better ingredients for baby. Plum Organics is one brand known for its organic, non-GMO, whole and simple ingredients. This company offers smoothies, bars, crackers and more for kids, as well as, of course, baby items like formula, puffs, and bowls. And we have probably all seen those little squeezers they make, which help young ones get their fruit and their veggie intake in a fun and a yummy way...and some of us may have enjoyed these little treats, too!

1. Diaper Bag

Of course, parents need a place to store all of these items, so the last eco-friendly product on this list is a diaper bag. Again, there are tons and tons of options out there, in numerous styles, colors, shapes and materials. We like this one a lot. It is a best-seller item that comes in six shades of waxed canvas. This material is lightweight, water-resistant and durable, which is super important in a diaper bag. It is also vegan, so it was created without hurting animals or the environment! Oh, and it has pockets...lotsss of pockets...for food and toys and diapers and creams and keys and teethers and bottles and phones...

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