10 Baby Products From The 90s Moms Miss Today, And 10 That Didn't Exist Back Then

No matter the decade we are born in, we all have our favorite objects that we just cannot live without. That rings true for our baby products as well. Parenting now is no easy feat and there are many baby products that would have been lifesavers in the nineties. By the same token, we also wish that many products from that decade could still be available today.

As mothers, we all do the best that we can to provide for our babies and ensure that they grow up to be happy, healthy and well-rounded children. When we are preparing for our little ones to arrive, we only want the best for them. We spend the entire nine months getting ready for them to come Earthside. We browse the department stores in search of the best baby products, comforters, blankets, pillows, and other supplies to make having a baby a little less complicated.

Baby product manufacturers have been our saving grace for the past few decades. They have designed every invention that we could possibly imagine, and they always seem to come about at just the right time. It seems that everywhere we look, companies like Fisher-Price, Graco, Gerber, and Lil Tykes are coming up with ideas that would make all of our lives much easier. So, without further ado, here are 10 baby products 90s moms wish existed back then and 10 that they miss.

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20 Wish Existed: Travel Bottle Warmers Are A Must-Have

Via: Pinterest


When you have to get up in the middle of the night to feed the baby for those of you who use formula, then you know that the last thing the baby wants is a freezing cold bottle of milk. But, what happens when you are out and about but have milk that’s just come out of the refrigerator? Most of us have figured out that putting milk in the microwave can create dangerous hot spots. The sink takes forever, and boiling over the stove doesn’t heat through evenly. So, that’s why they invented travel bottle warmers, which you can find on Amazon or other sites. They’ll keep your bottle heated at the perfect temperature no matter where you are.

19 We Miss It: Plastic Swim Bottoms

Via: Pinterest

Good weather brings good times and great family fun, and it doesn’t matter whether you live next to a lake, a personal or public swimming pool or the shores of the ocean. One of the best ways to relax, get a much-needed break from the heat and go on a vacation—or perhaps staycation—is to catch some sun and waves.

Back in the day, most parents let their little babies explore the water with just a diaper on, but when they got all soggy and wet from the water, they could be an absolute mess with those polymer crystals evvvvverywhere. But with those plastic swim bottoms, it was like having a waterproof swim cap, except for a diaper, according to eBay. Today’s replacement of Little Swimmers does the job, but not nearly as cute.

18 Wish Existed: Grab Your Brest Freind

Via: GreeSurfMomma

The My Brest Friend Pillow is one of those creations that you just have to love, but the Boppy remains a close second these days. It’s a cute half-circular pillow that supports all kinds of functions. You can use it as a safe and comfortable place for your baby to rest for a minute—always supervised. It also serves as a great nursing pillow, so you don’t have to wear out your arm holding the baby every couple of hours. According to Boppy, the pillows are made to be easily washable, with interchangeable covers and multiple matching accessories. They range in prices from $30 to $50, with custom-made patterns or designs.

17 We Miss It: Wooden Baby Chairs

Via: Pinterest

In the summertime—or even in the fall depending on where you are in the world, there is no greater time than sitting outside in the yard, enjoying a cold glass of lemonade or a family barbecue at the backyard picnic table. But when your baby was old enough to sit, he or she still couldn’t sit at the table to enjoy mealtime with everyone else and not have to worry about falling. So, someone smart invented a cute little cherry-stained or white chair, just about the height of your baby but not too tall for them to sit comfortably. According to Overstock, you can enjoy a vintage, pre-loved one for very little money.

16 Wish Existed: Nursing Bra Tank Tops Are For Moms In The Know

Via: SAPsMaMa

For those of us who breastfeed our babies, we know those nursing bras all too well. With their thick straps for unmatched support and ease of use, they are a nursing mom’s dream. Now they have something even better—the nursing bra tank top. They come with many features, such as adjustable bra straps, fashionable thin straps, and lightweight cotton to keep us cool in there. They aren’t too pricey either, so we won’t have to worry about breaking the bank. According to Glamour Mom, we can buy many other pieces to complete our wardrobe and be a fashionable milk-pumping diva in no time.

15 We Miss It: Toys For Thinkers

Via: Dolly Sisters 14

Yes, can we just say it? Whatever happened to entertainment for kids that actually challenged their budding little minds? In today’s world, we’re choosing between 10 play cell phones and iPads for toddlers. Where’s Teddy Ruxpin when you need him? Okay, they actually did bring Teddy back, but did you see him? Terrifying. Don’t fix what isn’t broken, right? Brain development is firing off non-stop during infancy and the toddler years, and instead of boosting their creativity and desire to find the answers to their questions, we’re silencing them with screen time. Gone are the days of baby dolls that eat and pee. It seems we’re stuck with Dora dolls and YouTube for kids now.

14 Wish Existed: Enter, The Soft Bib

Via: Hello Butterflies!

Baby bibs are a great way to try and keep all of your baby’s cute little clothes clean and looking like they are still fresh from the store. But as we know, not only does that not always happen as we plan but also after a while those bibs start getting dirtier than the bowls that you are feeding the baby their food out of. The one worry that you may have is that they can be too tight. A product called soft bib recently came about, and it reshaped the way we think about feedings. Baby Bjorn took this experience and turned it on its head with a sleek new design.

13 We Miss It: Radio Flyer Wagon

Via: Radio Flyer

Sometimes when you just wanted to take a simple trip to the local neighborhood park, you didn’t want to have to contend with a car seat, heavy stroller and diaper bag in tow. You just wanted to enjoy a nice outing with your little one on a play date on the baby swings—long enough to settle them down on the way home so they could take an afternoon nap.

And you were lucky enough to squeeze one in, too. Although the original Radio Flyer Wagon was invented in the early 1900s, there isn’t a parent from the 90s who doesn’t own one tucked away in their garage or storage sheds. They were absolutely perfect and much sturdier than the ones you see at the department stores today, according to eBay.

12 Wish Existed: Wrap That Baby Up

Via: Beijos Events

Everyone loves to take their baby on outings, but you also know that carrying around a baby in a car seat even if it is just from the car to the stroller can be a daunting task. The weight of an infant inside a car seat can easily be anywhere from 15 to 40 lbs, and no matter how cute they may be, they are heavy with a capital H. Baby wraps are an extremely fashionable accessory, that allows baby to be close to you without breaking your back at the same time. According to Baby Center, some—like the Ergo Baby—come with 360-degree options. Other moms prefer the traditional wrap style, like a Solly.

11 We Miss It: Pink Floral Shortalls

Via: Pinterest

Most of the clothing back in the day was made with one idea in mind, the least amount of clothing for the least amount of money spent. So, those adorable little onesies must have made somebody an instant millionaire because it seemed like everywhere you looked, there was another product in the fashion of a one piece that was perfect for your little baby boy or girl. One of the cutest that they haven’t seemed to bring back was the floral pattern shortfalls—or as most of you may know them, the floral pattern overall that looked like they got chopped off at the knees with a newly invented elastic hemline. You can still find some on eBay though! Happy bidding!

10 Wish Existed: Fleece Booties Are All The Rage

Via: Totally Blessed Hot Mess

Instead of just having cute, thin socks for your baby, you can now have matching fleece booties. These add the perfect touch to an adorable outfit. Not to mention, in those freezing cold winter months, they will keep your beautiful baby’s feet warm and toasty and fully protected from the harsh winter elements, like snow, cold and wind. You can find them in almost any baby department of any department store as well as online catalogs. The most popular ones right now are made by Zutaano and We Baby We, according to Amazon, and they cost under $20 for a set of two.

9 We Miss It: Cloth Diapers

Via: The Greenists

Some mothers like to have all of the things in life for the sake of convenience and the ability to take shortcuts. Then, on the flip side, there are those of us who like to savor the moment, be environmentally friendly and cost-conscious. Although they were invented about a century ago, back in the 90s, many mothers swore by them—especially ones who didn’t have time to go running to the store every few days to make sure the baby was stocked up.

According to Hello Bee, cloth diapers were made of an absorbable cotton material and came in a package of six to ten that could be used over and over with a simple rewashing. The good news is that so many of us missed them that we’re bringing them back in style. Hey there, fluff lover.

8 Wish Existed: Sensor-Safe Car Seats Will Make You Feel Secure

Via: Consumer Reports

While we are transporting our little ones from the safety of our own homes to places such as appointments, relatives’ homes and family adventures, the number one priority in our minds is their safety. There are literally hundreds of car seats to chose from with safety features such as grow with me, adjustable head pillows and extra safety restraints to boot.

Technology has not only created advancements that will make us feel more secure but many that will undoubtedly keep our precious ones safer. The Sensor Safe Car Seat by Evenflo alerts you if your baby unbuckles themselves or is left inside the vehicle. Smart thinking these days.

7 We Miss It: Easy Bath Tubs

Via: Ibu Dan Anak

Baby products these days are super sophisticated, and some of us would even argue that they are overly complex. It’s like a marriage between baby products and HTTP, that’s not going anywhere soon. Admittedly, some of these products are super cool and really neat, but some of us prefer the simpler things. One of our all-time favorites were the easy bathtubs from back in the day.

You know… the dark blue ones where you could just fill it up with water and set your little one in there. According to Varage, clean-up was a snap because you just had to pull the drainage plug. Today, baby tubs can weigh as much as a toddler and come with showerheads, lights, sounds, and jets for bubbles! Geesh!

6 Wish Existed: Mobile Changing Station

Via: Amazon

While most places that you travel to have a bathroom for public usage, not all have family-friendly restrooms. Have you ever walked into a bathroom only to find a few stalls and no baby changing station? Have you been to any other public area and had to lay your baby on your lap to change them because you didn’t trust the area being sanitary enough to even attempt to change your little one on a surface?

A busy mom just became our superhero by inventing a mobile changing station. It comes complete with a thickly padded area to lay the baby as well as pouches for all of their diapering supplies—produced by Beanko.

5 We Miss It: Corduroy Button-Ups

Via: eBay

A lot of baby clothing products today come with simple tops and bottoms just like they do for kids, teens, and adults. We basically have to remove our little one's pants, socks, shoes, skirt, and stockings in order to change their soiled diapers. Back in the day, most moms didn't have time for that and certainly didn’t want to take the risk of their used baby wipe grazing the side of the baby’s outfit—rendering it useless until the next wash cycle.

So, they did what every other mom did back then. They just bought the button-up corduroy edition of baby pants. After 5 minutes and a fresh diaper, they were basically good to go. You can find some refurbished ones on Amazon, and if you can get past the 30 buttons that have to be perfectly matched then—voila! Moms in the know nowadays still likely opt for button-up pants. Otherwise, we really might be taking the pain is beauty craze a little too far.

4 Wish Existed: Pump In Style

Via: Little Lovelies Blog

How could we make a list like this and not mention breast pumps? Once upon a time, it wasn’t a staple childcare item that everyone had access to. If there were issues with breastfeeding, Mom had no choice but to opt for formula. While geared more toward helping Mom than the baby, it certainly qualifies as a product both are dependent on. Exclusive pumping moms rejoice over the ability to take charge with products like the Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Breast Pump—a leader in its department.

Move over, Medela. This pump is affordable, often covered by insurance, as quiet as a mouse, and so sweet to moms that the company’s logo is “Our pumps don’t suck, they suckle.”

3 We Miss It: Tickle Me Elmo

Via: eBay

Most kids grew up watching the funny, multi-colored, various species of characters on the long-running daytime kids learning and entertainment show Sesame Street. Regardless of what generation you were born in, you still can’t tell someone how to get there. But one product that all Millennial babies fell in love with was the small, cute and cuddly red best friend Tickle Me Elmo.

Not only did he laugh at everything your baby said and did, but he probably entertained your child more than anyone in the family ever could. According to Flipping, the original toy is worth upwards of a couple hundred dollars today. Go, Elmo!

2 Wish Existed: Pacifier Clips

Via: Pinterest

Pacifiers—also known as binkies—are considered a lifesaver for a variety of reasons. They soothe a crying baby, help them to wait a few minutes while you’re setting up for a feeding, and decrease the risk of SIDS. But one thing every mom knows is that when they spit those things out, it seems like they have super jaws because they fly across the floor at breakneck speedand usually when you aren’t in an area where you can quickly wash It back off.

One really cool product to cut down on the trips to the sink or wasting new ones because of the number of germs in the world is the pacifier clip. According to Amazon, they are these little two-inch long straps with clips that attach to baby’s outfit and loop into the pacifier.

1 We Miss It: Rugrats Baby Toys

Via: Pinterest

Baby cartoons have been around for ages, and yeah, this one is kind of geared towards the toddlers, or at least those who are walking about. But you have to admit it was hard for any baby to resist those cute little tykes who were life-sized and cracked all kinds of jokes. Those little Tommy and Chuckie toys were about as big as a six-month-old baby, and for the ones who didn’t get scared looking at them, they could provide your little one with loads of fun for the imagination—especially since they laughed and talked. According to eBay, you can still find a few floating around nowadays.

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