Everything You Need To Know About 'Januhairy'


The fellas have "Movember" and now it looks like the gals have "Januhairy." That’s right: moms now have a reason to ditch their razors for an entire month in the name of charity. Many would agree that...

Breastfeeding Mama Talk

Baby Feeds Mom Fries While She Breastfeeds Him


As many mothers will tell you, it’s not easy to breastfeed your child and get anything done, let alone multitask during a feeding. As a matter of fact, breastfeeding is one of the most time consuming ...

jessica simpson

What To Do About Swollen Feet In Pregnancy


Oh man. There was a lot of bad stuff on the internet last week, but nothing gave us the heebie jeebies quite like the photo Jessica Simpson shared. If you're not aware, Jessica is pretty pregnant with...