kid doing the dishes

Teach Your Kids To Help With The Dishes Young

Getting your kids to help with chores from a young age can be very beneficial for the whole family. It's good to get children involved in helping out from a young age so that they learn to be self suf...

woman in labor

How Painful Is Childbirth?

Before you give birth, you'll probably hear a lot of horror stories from friends and family and even well-meaning strangers about how painful childbirth can be. Some women describe it as the worst pai...


When Should You Let Your Kids Have Makeup?

One of the seminal moments in a parents life is when their child decides they want to start wearing makeup. Given the prevalence of makeup in our culture, with many women and some men wearing it, it i...

toddler sleeping in bed

What Time Should My Toddler Go To Bed?

A sleep schedule seems like it would be easy to stick to, right? But as all parents know, every single day is unpredictable, and sometimes (a lot of the time!), schedules go right out the window when ...

toddler looking cheeky behind a curtain

How Do I Discipline My Toddler?

One of the most important areas of parenting is discipline. It also happens to be one of the hardest parts for a lot of parents! We want our kids to grow up to be well-behaved, kind people, but we als...